Product Creation - To Put Affiliate Links, or Not

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Hello everyone,

I would like to hear from some of you that create products and sell them (not as a free report, e-course, etc). I am currently in the process of creating a good product and I am deciding whether I should add affiliate links to it or not. I would like to add some useful affiliate links, but at the same time I feel it would downgrade the product.
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      If it is something that will truly help or speed up the work, absolutely.

      I have started adding a disclaimer that some links may give me a commission.

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        Originally Posted by avenuegirl View Post

        If it is something that will truly help or speed up the work, absolutely.

        I have started adding a disclaimer that some links may give me a commission.
        Never thought of doing that, thanks!
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        It's no big the deal if what you recommend is genuinely useful.

        I have about 3 affiliate links in all of my products and I have yet to hear someone complain...
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          Absolutely. If I know of a product that 'complements' my topic, saves my reader time or money, whatever, yes I recommend it. If I already am signed up to their affiliate program that is. If not, sometimes I just give a link, with no an affiliate id.

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    Just be sure, if its a vital piece of your report that you include a free alternative.

    You WILL get alot of angry customers if you have to buy Widget X to put your report to use (since they paid for your report).
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    Well I don't promote other people's products but I always put a link back to our site and my name all over the software or product it is really a personal decision whether you do or not I doubt it will hurt you in doing so it may give you an increase in commissions but be sure to have a disclaimer as Jill said above that is according to the FTC regs now so it is a good idea.
    Best of success.

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    Do any of you have success using affiliate links in products?
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    I would do it if your offering products of value. What I think works best is putting any valuable items that directly pertain to what your discussing as links within your paragraph text. Any additional items you feel might be useful put at the very end of the book under "Recommended Resources" so they don't have to scan links to read your product and can review the recommendations at their leisure. I don't like reading products that appear to be written for linking purposes only, so only add something of value if it naturally comes up in your information.
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    To add, or not to add...when in doubt, don't do it and keep the perceived integrity level as high as possible. Depends on the niche of course, but if you find a couple choice offers that really complement the product/info/service, then a tasteful marketing approach will definitely help you market multiple offers, especially if perceived as a system or an overall package. Just remember that too many options on a page may hurt your conversions though, as single action marketing is the most powerful IMO ... and there's always the back-end and OTO's too ... but when you add them all up, and do it in a non-spammy way, you will bank!

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    Of course you should include relevant, value-adding links. Everyone does that.


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