Getting Localized Search Volume (by zip codes). Is there a way?

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I have a contracting company and would like to see what the localized search volume is. I am not concerned about localized by country but by zip codes so that I can see what search terms are being used so that I can further define my keywords for Articles.
I use Googles keyword tool and maybe there is a way within it that I am not seeing.
Any advice or maybe other available tools?
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    Surely there is a way to do this?
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      Deckman, not allowed to post links, still under 15 posts - but for the sake of helping you I'm sure the mods will understand the solution I'm providing here is based clearly on providing value for someone other than myself. With that said, the following site (not mine) allows you to generate local adwords and keyword lists by US Zip Code and Radius ... 5minutesite . com / local_keywords.php . Handy tool I use myself.

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    How about just using the city rather than the zip code.

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    eb219 Thanks, this is what I was looking for.

    TSnyder, Thanks to you also but when I was using zip code my intent was to localize within a city / zip coded area.

    Thanks Guys!
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