targeting IM'ers w/ Rick Raddatz's Survey Results

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I once proposed to AWeber that they send a LifeStyle questionnaire to their entire list... perhaps next year Rick might let me run such a study. I'd have to brush up on my SPSS skills.


Who: Rick Raddatz
What: ran a short BUSINESS & POLITICS survey of Internet Marketers
Why: he just wants to know "how" our community thinks
When: Rick emailed survey results today


I'd like to approach this data from a marketing perspective and keep the politics out of this discussion.

How do those of us that pitch Internet Marketers use this data for optimal profitability?

Rick's email follows...

SUBJ: Survey Results (Business & Politics Survey)

FR: Rick Raddatz
RE: Responses to the Politics AND Business Survey

We got a ton of response to our non-scientific survey.
Here are the results:

1. Where are you on the political spectrum?

13% Very Right
27% Right
43% Independent
12% Left
5% Very Left

ANALYSIS: Surprising number of independents, 2-to-1 righties to lefties

2. Who do you think you'll vote for?
46% McCain
38% Obama
9% Other
6% Abstain

ANALYSIS: Large independent vote is pretty evenly split

3. Has running a business changed your political leaning?
13.3% A lot right
20.3% Little right
59.8% No change
4.8% Little left
1.8% A lot left

ANALYSIS: WOW - owning a business shifts people RIGHT by a 5-to-1 ratio.
And since that ratio far exceeds the 2:1 ratio of righties-to-lefties participating
in the survey, I believe this result has some weight.

4. What is your business's total annual revenue?
7% Zero
12% Up to $20k
13% Up to $50k
17% Up to $100k
15% Up to $200k
12% Up to $500k
5% Up to $1 Mil
9% Over $1 Mil
9% Decline

ANALYSIS: I'm not charging enough for my services!
Get them NOW before the price goes UP!


Lowest hanging fruit, "Independent" skews extraordinarily high, 6-times the national average...
50% Right
43% Independent
17% Left

compared to...

42% Right
41% Left
7% Independent

Of course this can be seen in the language of independence and freedom we expect to see in entrepreneurial environments.

Glossary at Public Opinion Pros

But the big question is how can we gleam profitable insights from these numbers? What do you see are the marketing implications? How do you implement tactics based on those findings?
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