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Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the copy of TS 2.0.

I am about to immerse myself in it and apply it to a new website in a very competitive niche that I will promote with TS 2.0 only.

I will have the website finished tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Once again, my sincere gratitude goes out to you guys.

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    Hey congratulations UFO!

    I wanted to win!

    PS. Check your sig.

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    Did you win it in the WF competition?

    - Haven't got mine yet..I'm in the UK though.

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      You got your copy already?

      I am eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive. I'm in Singapore.
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      Hey guys.

      Yes, I won mine in the competition and received it today (I'm down the street from John).

      I just read add the "loose" pages and the first chapter of the book. The first CD is about to go in

      I am sure that I'm going to bed about 5am.

      To start the first roll of convo.

      I built a conduit website (which I have not uploaded) in anticipation of TS 2.0

      I am going to drive traffic to this website(s?) ONLY as instructed by TS 2.0

      In order to get in the mood, I closed my eyes and pictured myself in my islands in the CARIBE (Google it), listening to dancehall @ the club and being wild with some wild ass chicks of pretty lightly brown color!! (Spanish food anyone?)

      So, my main problem has been traffic (no traffic = low money . . . just a few $1,000s a month) and now, after learning new TS 2.0 tricks and looking @ a picture of John's house and his $35,000 swimming pool, I have decided to blindly follow traffic teachings. (We have GREAT ****** records here)

      (Anyone living like that in Wind***** like John is has my full attention)

      Now I go grab a beer . . . Listen to this wild sh*t and open my eyes to a new world of traffic.

      Yes, if you have not bought or won TS 2.0 - Go do it today! I am SURE it will be worth it.


      PS. A mi amigo de el sur de la frontera . . . Recibi tu PM y me suena muy bien. hablamos de eso la semana q viene?

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        Sure man. Don't worry. No rush.

        Oh and good luck learning how to get all that traffic.

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          Cool Trigres

          Si yo aprendo . . . . tu aprendes
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            I received my contest copy of TS2 yesterday and started studying last night and stayed up until 6am watching videos (until my eyes hurt and I wasn't retaining anymore) and today I spent the work day diving back into the material.

            I must say I'm impressed. I thought the course was specifically about "traffic" and how to drive traffic... yet it really lays the foundation for ANY online business (with an emphasis on driving the traffic to your business) then gives you the knowledge needed to gain traffic (which matters above almost all else... what is a business with no customers?).

            Some stuff is a bit elementary (especially towards the beginning) but I'd say the course is really well developed for all levels. Having been on the internet actively since 1996 some material was obviously knowledge I already had, but reviewing that material (lets call it the foundation) was good, and I'd fare to say important. Because having not seen this course I probably wouldn't have spent much time on stuff I thought to be elementary, which is MY fault.

            However just because this course contains elementary and "foundation" material, don't let that full you. This course gets detailed (as detailed as one would ever WANT to be) into different traffic generating techniques. One area where I learned a lot was with Adsense. Now obviously Adsense isn't new to me (nor is PPC in general) but this course still taught me new techniques, quick methods, and ideas I haven't thought of.

            I came into this course as probably the biggest skeptic yet I was proven wrong and I'm pleasantly surprised. I haven't finished the course yet, so I can't give a full "proper" review, but I'll do that within a couple weeks (given the time to read/watch and enact the techniques/methods presented).

            Thanks so much,
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