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I am just beginning the offline marketing process. I got referred a big client right out of the shoot. They have a gambling portal site. They want to have it rank better. They have had some SEO in the past but were not happy with the results.

Here is the question. I posted a job on an outsourcing site. I have quotes from around $10 to $20. What should be a reasonable number of hours to expect a week for SEO? I started doing the math and found at 20 hours a week (for the $14 offer) that I am looking at is over $1100 a month.

I would have to charge a pretty high monthly fee to make this worth my time. Is 20 hours too much per week? I could try a lower priced outsourcer but I always wonder if you get what you pay for.

I would really like to get some advice from someone that has been doing this and can help guide me in this process.

I have studied from Tim Castleman's course and have gotten a lot of information. If you want to know more about his courses I really suggest you should visit 30 Minute Postcards - Become A Postcard Marketing Superstar! (no affiliate just great advice). Very cool info.

If anyone can help I would love to hear your advice.
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    You might want to check Google's TOS. I think they have restictions on gambling sites, which will probably hurt trying to rank. I'm not in this niche so don't know what else to suggest. Hope that helps.
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      I don't know why - but something about that rings alarm bells for me. I could be completely wrong - so feel free to ignore me.

      This is what makes me feel uneasy - and I don't mean this with any disrespect to you.

      You're just starting in offline marketing (I'm assuming without prior experience??) and you get a "big" client out of the blue - who tell you they were unhappy with their previous seo.

      I would be very wary of them. Are they going to be difficult/awkward/demanding clients who are expecting the impossible and will then blame you - along with their previous seo companies - for their own shortcomings?

      Are they thinking that as you are new they can take you for a ride - use you cheaply, complain a lot and generally blame you for everything and anything?

      Just be careful. Ask lots of questions and do your background research on them first.
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    Yeah! Fellow warrior is correct. First, do some research on the site and keywords that need to be optimized. See if you can do the work. 20 hours per week is fine (4 to 5 hours per day). But make sure your work has helped bring up the site in search engines. They shouldn't think that as you are new so they can screw you with more work with the same money.

    Good luck!
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    You need to go AP's route. 20 hours for one site is way too much, IMO

    Search AP, Find all his posts and read them. Amazing info that should answer this and more.

    Personally, I don't tell the client anything except the results of more business. If they want to be involved with telling me what they want me to do piece by piece, they can just out source that themselves. I outsource everything (almost) and just coordinate the different out sourced pieces. If I charge $2500, I may spend a few hundred in outsourcing and a couple of hours a month in time to coordinate; the result is a net increase in thier biz of $10-20k, so paying me $2500 is nothing even though there is actually little I personally do. I get paid to be the Puppet-master.
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