Best ways to get traffic to a new website?

by mcook
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What in your opinion are the best ways to get traffic to a new website?
I am interested in free ways as well as paid. What has worked for you that you might be willing to share?
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    I have been doing fairly well with social bookmarking, I can get 30-40 visits a day fairly easily, and sometimes you may hit the jackpot and get a few more . That doesn't sound a lot but if you spent all day writing articles and posting them you could get more traffic.

    Also remember the important question really is how do you get targeted traffic to a new website.
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    I found that Adwords was very effective to quickly get people to the squeeze page of my new website, though they didn't browse the site in general. I really just wanted them to opt-in to list.

    For getting targetted traffic to my site at no cost I find intense article marketing to be effective. I have heard that social bookmarking works well but my new site is the first site I've been trying that with and thus far I haven't seen the results pay off in large amounts. That could be my niche, too, which isn't as big on social bookmarking, I don't think.

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    First of all you should have a good seo.
    You could try adwords and social bookmarking too. Exchanging links is another option.
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    The best free way in my opinion is Youtube. Of course it depends on your niche, but many people are looking to videos for info. Best paid way I still think is Adwords as long as your not in the highly competive niches where they can cost you an arm and a leg for a click.
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      I would say try social networking.
      Send out some solo ads
      Try posting informative replies on blog comments.

      I personally love Twitter myself but im partial to different
      social networks and even doing a little bit on craigslist

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  • Traffic means absolutely nothing.

    What matters is you put your offer in front of qualified buyers. Over and over... people just don't get it.
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      The search function must be broken, put traffic to website in search or a different phrase and you will get thousands of posts come up.
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        There are some good tips here. Some suggestion also depending on the niche or services. Classified Ad sites, craigslist being the most lucrative from my experience. Posting in the correct categories and popular cities.

        Also twitter is a good resource if you can find a way to search and narrow down your search to niche specific tweets. One suggestion is to use operators to pull all the www. and http:// posts out. You will typically get people strictly conversating about your niche. Engage in those conversations.

        Another way to get TARGETED traffic is to go to Boardreader - Forum Search Engine and search for forums and conversations going on in your niche. Join the conversation and simply provide value. Then put your information and website in your signature.

        There are literally hundreds of ways to get traffic the the more you can reach your audience.... the better chance you will meet your goals.

        Hope this helps!
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          I find that writing and submitting relevant articles to works best for me. Free traffic that continues to come for months, even years.

          Just keep writing.

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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingIQ View Post

      Traffic means absolutely nothing.

      What matters is you put your offer in front of qualified buyers. Over and over... people just don't get it.
      I'd have to agree with Internet marketing IQ... If you are not in front of people who have their wallets out and wanting to spend... well you might have a problem...

      But you still need to get traffic to your site, I have found that having articles ranked highly has worked well for me as a free traffic method..
      Take a look at terry's big 60 day experiment, he starts off a few sites from scratch and attempts to see what methods get the most traffic and sales to his sites....

      It is a good read, with some great tips from other Warriors..

      All the best.

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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingIQ View Post

      Traffic means absolutely nothing.

      What matters is you put your offer in front of qualified buyers. Over and over... people just don't get it.
      Do you mean untargeted traffic means absolutely nothing? I'd agree with that. You definately need a boat load of targeted traffic to make good money. Untargeted is just a waste of bandwidth You could throw some PPI ads on there I guess lol.

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        My Favorite ways to get traffic to my website is Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, youtube, and safelist. F&P has all of our social networking training inside below no cost no lie...Its step by step so sorry if you know some of it, but we also have free twitter software that our team uses to get targeted followers on twitter and the best ways to use myspace and youtube. Promoting, Advertising, and helping others on massive level to get massive results so the free way will take some work on your part. As far as paid goes, i've upgraded to some safelist and send out 1000s of emails everyday but you have to be unique from all the competition and of course you want to have something that will help others grow what they are doing. I noticed I get ranked in youtube pretty easy by just driving traffic from the traffic exchange, twitter, and all the other social networks as long as you good keywords, descriptions, and tags =) Hope this helps
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    Yahoo Answers but the volume of traffic you get from it really depends on the niche.
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      I think if you have a mini-niche site that has 5-20 pages total then article marketing works best. But if you have a 1-3 page squeeze page then ppc works better.
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    What is the best approach for trading links to increase traffic to a new site?
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    mcook, before you even think about generating traffic I would stop and take a step back.

    You will firstly need to decide on your keywords before social bookmarks and building backlinks. These backlinks will all need to include your keywords, this will increase your organic traffic in the long run. Submitting to social bookmark sites and trading link without your keywords will damage your long term efforts.

    Check out the Google keyword tool and decide on around 3/4 keywords/phrases and go from there. If you want some more information on this I will be making a blog post soon, use the link in my sig.
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    Make sure that SEO and keywords are in place then it is ideal to do search engine submission, link directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting, press release submission, article submission, video marketing and other stuff.
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    There is no single way. You have to continually adjust. SERPs are still good, but they are harder to come by. I think social networking will be how most people find their information online in the future. Instead of just a single ad or website, you will have a network and history with people. Forums, twitter, facebook, blogs. Mainly just make yourself very visible everywhere you can on the internet. Useful content through articles will give you targeted traffic.
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    It is hard out there if you're starting out with a new product however that is a even better reason to get yourself out there. Ask yourself this question is the product good and will people benefit from it? To get buyers i used Twitter and Face book along with LinkedIn these were all free, twitter did the most sales for me. Just by my keywords and direct sales.
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    There are so many different methods that you can get cofused and lost especially if new. What you need is a plan of action and to take action to get it completed. Then review and revise and go again and again and again.
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    You need to do as much as you can to get your product in front of people a free way of doing it is to start posting articles to article sites. One of the most google respected sites is ezine articles. It can take a a while to start getting traffic from articles depending on how long it takes the article sites to put your article live.

    Just make sure you include in your bio box a link back to your site or product page.
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    Well there is a lot choice today.
    There is a lot very informative ebook in the market for helping on how to get traffic to your website.
    Right now am try some new methods from Adeel and Bobby's Marketing.
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    You can save some money in the long run if you send some targeted paid traffic initially e.g. from Google Adwords. Check if your site converts or not and what the best keywords are.

    If your site doesn't convert you need to fix that first before spending lots of time and effort on traffic, as traffic to a site that doesn't convert is worth nothing.

    Once you have done this, my favorite way to get traffic is by optimizing for good (but not too competitive) keywords and building backlinks. A press release can also work well especially for a new site.

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    I agree. I been able to get some views through social bookmarking. Yes I agree Adeel and Bobby had some great marketing methods to learn from
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    I'd say use , it's for social bookmarking and it's really really good, it helps me get 10-20 extra visits daily, remember each single visit is important.

    In the other hands, I think Article Marketing is the best way to get traffic immediately in couple of days, I get LOTS of visits from Article Directories, especially Ezine articles directory. Write a good article on a good title (related to your website), it would be good if you wrote 10-15, then submit it to Ezine Articles with your website anchor text at the bottom, I'm sure you can get at least 50 UV + a day from 1 article probably.
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    First make sure your site is ready for traffic, SEO friendly, and in a niche you can conquer...


    Social Bookmarking
    Articles on Article Directories
    Build a web of blogs and Web 2.0 sites pointing to it.
    Create Videos and distribute them (Include the link in both the description and in the video)
    Start working on backlinks to your site from relevant blogs, forums, and Web 2.0 sites.
    Create PDF's of your articles or other content and distribute to Scribd.
    Create free giveaway Ebooks for other webmasters and marketers to give away with valuable content and of course links to your site.
    RSS Feeds

    When you get all of those'll be tired, but should have good targeted traffic.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    This thread really offered a lot of tips! KansasDragon offered a new one on using Scribd. I haven't tried that one, but I will surely do in the future.

    Personally, I use the following to get traffic to my blog and web sites:
    Social Bookmarking
    Yahoo Answers
    Article Marketing
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    Wow - some great ideas here - just goes to show how there are so many free ways to market a site if done properly!
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    I have found that after you have submitted an article to an article site then you need to get links to that article which helps in it's ranking and popularity. To submit an article is only the first step of many.
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    Hi denomardin,

    Its =) Try too
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