BB Code on WSO - Allen Can We Have This ?

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Hey Allen,
Is it possible we could get the bb code for tables in the wso section ?? It would make things a great deal easier for those of us that sell a service that has many different prices and options...

I am sure that a mod exist for this and it would be a great help in the format of the wso's ...

Anyone else need this or would like to have it ??

Thanks for the consideration either way

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    Razor I have it on my forum and its great ... Keeps things nice and neat ... It has been years since I have messed with VB so not sure what it has.

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      Originally Posted by Razer Rage View Post

      I'm pretty sure that most forum software bases do NOT have tables by default. Guess they felt it was an unnecessary feature.

      I agree with this idea, but I think there could be an easier/simpler way. Maybe a WYSIWYG editor for tables? Alright, it's not more simple (for the admins at least), but it is easier.
      Yeah my editor on my forum has the code for tables in it.. But it was a mod I had to add and was not included.. Like you I guess they seen it as not being needed... lol

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