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I'm trying to wright an article for a newsletter that we put out for our clients. I was going to try to explain how SEO worked, what it is, and how can it be useful for them.

Well trying to do some research on a dumb-ed down SEO explanation. In which I cant find any article, to better help me explain the information to them.

Can anyone help me? I think I'm just having a creative block. Just a real simple explanation on how SEO works or if someone can point me into the right direction. So i can get the brain juice working again.
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    The more quality/relevant back links you have that contain your keywords the higher your ranking will be.

    To find out how many back link you need reach the top 10 just search Google for your keywords and then search for the amount of back links each of those sites have by searching for


    You should also throw in something about on page optimization with keyword density and H1 tags.

    That's all it boils down to really...

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    SEO = Search Engine Optimization

    In it's simplest terms you're making your site likeable
    to the search engines.

    There are severl things to do to attract the engines
    to your site and make it appealing to them.

    Off-page optimization: #1 in my opinion. You're
    basically getting other websites to link to your
    website with your keywords in the anchor text of the
    link. This is called backlinking.

    On-page optimization: Putting your main keyword
    in the title of each page of your site (each page
    should target a different keyword).

    You should also make use H1 tags and sprinkling
    the keyword through the page a few times depending
    on how much content is on the page.

    That's pretty basic, I'm sure someone could explain
    it in a better way though.

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    Sure. Building a website without accounting for SEO is like paying to create a beautiful commercial...and then not buying any airtime.

    "Old SEO's never die, they just lose their rankings."
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