Which Video Sites Are Worth Concentrating On For Traffic

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There's 100's of videos sites to post videos to,which ones are
actually driving traffic to make it worthwhile to concentrate on.
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    Not enough context go give you the best possible answer, so these are the safe bets:

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    Myspace is a good way to get seen if you have alot of friends and you can post videos as a comment or message just about anything as long as they are your friend first. If not you will probably get your account slapped. I like youtube, break[com, metacafe, and daily motion....you can also try tubemogel for uploading to all at once. I found something I like also called viewtubetrain I wouldn't use it to much but you can get some nice views on there to boost your videos on youtube ...Hope this helps =)
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      If you have someone that could make you a good quality advertizement no longer than 2 minutes you can pay for your video advertisement to go on different sites such as rap basement and places like that.

      They have millions of viewer watching their videos and you can actually post an advertisement before people watch the video.

      Theirs tons of sites like that.

      Its in the same lines as media buying but if you google it you can find some very cheap solutions .
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    This is why I love forums to post questions about something before
    we spend hour's on it only to find out it doesn't work.

    Building up profiles & concentrating on one niche per account
    seems like another great way to drive traffic.
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      Youtube has become the second largest search engine used (that's what I heard on the street anyways)

      If you put your videos in with a good description that will pick up your keywords and alsotag it to several relevant fields I have found that on a long tail search I can get into #1 or #2 on there (on something easy). The experiment I did though was on something that not many searches were on to begin with so it didn't exactly get me much traffic but it has fed a few visits here and there. My only problem is I just don't have time to do video marketing at this time but know that the people using it the right way are doing really well for traffic generation. I plan on adding it more later this year when I'm able to shift time into video.
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    I have more traffic with metacafe. Youtube is slower Besides they easily delete my videos. Add your site to sites like tvduck, sidereel.
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