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I am looking to find factory authorized wholesale suppliers in the United States? I would like suppliers located specifically in Georgia but am open to anywhere in the US.

I am most interested in Electronics but again, I am open to anything wholesale.

I do realize that legit suppliers tend not to advertise online. I am not really sure how to go about finding them.

Anything informative you could give me would be very much appreciated
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      Thank you so much!

      I am going to check them out right now
      Live, Laugh & Love!
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        have you tried a site called salehoo.com

        I used to sell a bit on ebay and i found them to have a good list verified wholesalers....

        They have the contact names of the wholesalers, emails etc... Plus the companies I had dealt with through salehoo were pretty good...

        You have to pay a sign up fee for salehoo though.....

        Also there is world wide brands.com...but I found there wholesale prices are not that competive, I found them a bit pricey...

        I hope this helps..

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    Keep in mind that any place "wholesaler" that you contact that doesn't ask for your tax ID before even giving you price lists isn't legit 9/10 times.

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    Search Globally for all kinds of Great stuff! One of the best resources out there in case you're not aware...
    Alibaba.com Site Map

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      Thanks for the responses.

      I did have a chance to check out Alibaba .com awhile ago and I have to say I just do not trust it all that much.

      I am interested in salehoo .com. I did a search and read some reveiws, all seemed to be good.

      I understand that it is actually a directory of wholesalers.

      I am wondering if the wholesalers are all legit and have been checked out before they are put into the directory on salehoo .com. I would hate to pay to have access to salehoo and have to reserch the companies individually.

      Any further info or advice about salehoo .com who be very helpful.
      Live, Laugh & Love!
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        Hey There.....

        Salehoo, is good.. You have to really search for the best wholesalers, some of them are not a lot cheaper the retail... But most of them do offer great prices and have been verified by salehoo...

        I have tried it all, I even went to DH gate.com... I bought a product for my niche and soon had a company telling me to stop selling the item I have, because the seller on DH gate was selling counterfeit items.....

        So that is something else you need to look out for..
        But as far as I know Salehoo does not have that...

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          I am convinced that truley legit wholesalers seldom advertise online. By legit wholesalers I mean- Authentic product at well below retail.

          I guess my best bet might be to hit the yellow pages!
          Live, Laugh & Love!
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