What's wrong with my keyword? Please help.

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Hi Guys,

I need your suggestion or advice regarding an issue I am facing with my keyword.

My site stands in 4th position in Google.com for a very competitive keyword. According to different keyword tools, this keyword should bring massive traffic to my site.

Google keyword tool says - 9900 monthly exact search
spyfu says - 1100 daily searches
seobook tool says - 40 daily searches
semrush says 3600 monthly searches

But I am receiving ONLY 10 searches a day from this keyword. Even though the conversion rate is good, the traffic of 10 per day from such a highly competitive keyword is very bad.

I really don't know what to do.

Can you suggest me anything on this issue? Another main point is that I used different keyword tools including wordtracker, spyfu but do not find long tail keywords in software niche.

I really appreciate your suggestion.
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    This likely means the first 3 results are meeting the needs of the searchers.

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    Depending on the niche it could simply be as Kristian says, the top three being such juggernauts in your field that virtually all traffic is ending up there.

    Have you tried blogs, twitter, facebook, articles to further drive people to your site and get yourself a name so you can compete more effectively?

    The main problem a lot of people have is that the number 1 gets 60% of the traffic, the 2nd gets 30%, the 3rd gets 5% and everyone else has to make do with the remainder...maybe you should try coming at your keyword from a different direction now?
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      Thanks for the post.

      Yes, I try to beat the other 3 and target more number of keywords.

      I belong to software niche. I own a collaboration product. I tried article marketing but it didn't work for software niche.
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      I would have to agree with the masses, it seems that the top 3 results are getting all of the traffic...

      I have experienced this with one of my sites, the monthly searches were around 11,000 for the long tail keyword that i had chosen and found being at number 5 was getting me no traffic...

      So I took my time, outsourced my backlinks which i get from Pj and then got my outsourcer to backlink to my articles (man is that a tongue twister..haha)

      And I found that I eventually got to number 1 and then started receiving some consistent traffic flow....

      But is was not until I got to the top 2 postions and stayed there for a while that I found i got a steady increase in traffic...

      I hope this helps

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        Hello Tasso,

        Thanks for sharing your story.

        That really helps.
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          No Problem, I am glad I could help you....

          If you have any other questions, just give me a buzz...
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