Am I stupid? ExitSplash help...

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Hey guys,

So I don't know if I am stupid or anything... but for those of you who have ExitSplash, I need some major help.

Normally, I would just put in a support ticket, but since it's the weekend I wouldn't get a reply until Monday.

I am trying to setup one of my sites to get an exit pop-up when someone tries to leave my page. The exit pop-up will offer them a discount. I'm sure you've seen something like it before.

Now when someone tries to leave the page, the exit pop-up DOES appear, trying to offer a lower price. That's all fine and dandy.

But when a visitor decides to buy my product for the full-price on the sales page and clicks the order link, ExitSplash thinks they are trying to leave the site and the exit pop-up still appears!

So how can I get ExitSplash to NOT show up when a customer clicks on my order link?

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    Hello Andrew,
    When you creating your exitsplash code, you have to check the box which tells the script not to trigger the exit popup when visitor clicks internal links or payment button..

    I hope this will help you
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      I've looked and looked on Exit Splash Code Generator page and there is no such option. Are you sure there is such an option?

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    Hey Andrew,

    No I'm not sure, but it's in my mind as I can recall it..
    I'll check now again and let you know
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    Andrew you're right, there is no option to turn of trigering exitsplash when clicking payment button..
    It's strange that what's happening to you..

    I'm afraid I can't help you, and you'll have to contact their support
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      Thanks for tryin' to help. I really appreciate it.

      I put in a support ticket tonight... hopefully they will respond fast.

      If anyone else knows the answer to this, feel free to post!
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      • You ever get an answer to this?


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          This is a shot in the dark - but another person I know was having a problem with ExitSplash and it had to do with a new PayPal setup. Sorry i don't know more than that.
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            I have the same problem and trying to look for a solution.

            I've emailed the support team just now so I probably won't hear from them for a couple days at least.

            So I was wondering if anyone already has the solution on here?

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              I haven't heard back from the exitsplash guy's yet to solve this problem.

              I was wondering if anyone knew of another method to get the exit pop-up to work only when a specific action is taken on the page?
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                I do not own exitsplash. But, I use a similar script. It is a JavaScript that I use and I am assuming it is a JavaScript that exit/uses.

                There is probably a control in the JavaScript that tells the script not to run if a link is clicked.

                So, in the link you'll add an "onclick" command to tell the script not to run.
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