What Automation Software Do You Use For Your Business?

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Like many of you, when it comes to my business I like to automate as many things as possible.

Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea if everyone contributed a list of the different software they use to help automate their business and a bit about what it is.

My hope is that in doing this that me or any of you will uncover a handy piece of software that you haven't heard of before but could definitely use. I'll start.

Market Samurai - Keyword research tool.
Scrapebox - Scrapes data from Google and does much more. The best piece of software I've ever bought.
Bookmarking Demon - Mass bookmarking submission.
Directory Bot - Directory submission tool.
RSS Bot - RSS submission tool.
Blog Bot - Blog posting tool.
Press Bot - Press release submission tool.
Comment Kahuna - Blog commenting tool.
Backlink Booster - I've only just bought this but it's so simple and very efficient.
SEO Elite - Backlink analyzing and general SEO tool.
SEO Spyglass - Comprehensive analysis of keywords and your competition.

There are probably a few I've forgotten but that's a good start.

What automation software do you use?
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    No one likes automation?
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      Love automation...

      Not sure what you are trying to automate...but you cant leave off the autoresponders...

      AWeber is top choice.

      Also, you may want to add Paypal, as it has an automatic redirect command after processing a payment.

      Finally Hootsuite automates updating Twitter/Facebook updates...

      If I can think of more...will add them.

      I am also curious to see what is out there that I didnt know about!

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      Originally Posted by Pat Jackson View Post

      No one likes automation?
      Hi Pat,

      I love automation. Perhaps too much,. =)

      BTW, I started a thread on this before.
      And you may find some useful tools in there:


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    WebCEO is very helpful.

    Sam Mancuso
    President, RuzzMan LLC
    www.LEDdim.com Innovative, elegant solution to glaring, annoying LEDs on electronics.

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    I use the Ultimus BPM suite of products in my day job. Not your typical IM niche product, but its automation features are great.
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      Simple one but something I use every day, RoboForm.

      Couldn't live without it now.

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        Originally Posted by Denis Flynn View Post

        Simple one but something I use every day, RoboForm.

        Couldn't live without it now.

        I agree... RoboForm has made life really easy...

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        I also use RoboForm and there is no way I could do without it.

        Originally Posted by Denis Flynn View Post

        Simple one but something I use every day, RoboForm.

        Couldn't live without it now.
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          Might as well include LastPass for keeping up with all the logins/passwords.

          Find something to enjoy about reality. It's not going to go away.
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            Roboform - for managing logins and filling forms - can't do without this in a day
            SenukeX - Total backlinking automation tool - Makes life easier for me
            TBS- The best spinning tool I have
            IAW - Helps with article ideas. Just drop your keyword and it goes out reseaching for you
            MicroNicheFinder - Just as the name implies.
            Market Samurai - total Keyword training and research
            Srapebox - Scraping urls in your relevant keyword
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    thanks for the list..putting it on my blog...!!
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    I like ping.fm for updating my social accounts and social oomph for twitter for auto follows and auto DM's

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    Marketing Consultant for AuctionAutoBidder.com - An eBay Auction Sniper service
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    I like to use only LinkShareAutomation 1.0 automation software. LinkShareAutomation 1.0 is a very useful for business. LinkShareAutomation 1.0 is a one of my favourite business automation software and really i like it very much.
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    Textexpander.... saves me much typing
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    thanks for the list
    automation saves a lot of time. I use instant article wizard for article research and writing
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    It's no secret that I love Dragon Naturally Speaking, which allows me to type with my voice. In fact, I'm not typing this write now, I'm talking into a microphone. I've got it trained to type over 150 wpm with over 99% accuracy. You can create an e-book in one day with this bad boy.

    If you have Vista on Windows 7, you can use the built in speech recognition software that comes with the operating system. It's pretty good if you can't or don't want to buy DNS.

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    - Jim Rohn
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