Any Warrior here do Ebay?

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Hye there Warriors,

Do any of you doing Ebay?

Selling stuff, dropship or anything.

Do share something with us,

What ebooks or whose website should we go through?
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    I do, I self-dropship items from China to the U.S., U.K., and Australia, as well as sell items purchased in bulk. I'm still scattered and haven't found my actual 'niche' yet, but I have a lot of fun researching different products and trends, setting prices for various items, and trying to get the most out of my eBay. I have a pretty awesome way of locating and getting items from China to the U.S. too.

    I've bought at least 20 different eBay eBooks but have yet to find any valuable information, yet. Whats great about eBay is that by the time I release my own eBook of my sources and methods, I'll be able to show my purchasers every single penny I've spent to build an actual 'work at home business' from $500 into $1000/day profit. Right now I'm between the $700 and $800 mark. All while actually holding down a demanding 9-5 job (actually 2-11 job, since I work 2nd shift)

    eBay has it's ups and downs, in some ways has a lot less tinkering than putting up a site aimed towards eBook sales, but sometimes it often takes more tinkering with the fee's, inventory, shipping to and from, searching for new items, staying current with market pricing, etc.
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    $700 per day sounds good, and for me, you are really doing well, Nicely done.

    If you're going to release an ebook, do contact me =p

    I am new to ebay, going through some information regarding ebay a few months ago.

    Still have not made my move to ebay yet.

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    I have been selling old comic books on ebay for over 9 years.
    I do very well with my items.
    As far as drop shipping,I would never risk my ebay account with an item
    that I do not have in my hand ready to ship.
    Just take a look at some of the feedback of drop shippers on ebay you will
    see that they have many negative comments on late shipping.

    Something new soon.

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    i see, thanks Lou,

    hmm, i wanted to do some dropshipping cause could not get any items on my own to sell it on ebay.

    wondering where to search for this items, either buy it in bulk, or at a cheaper price

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    I used to be a power seller on ebay when I had my store there. I had over 300 items that I dropshipped regularly. The key is to find a good, reputable wholesaler/dropshipper and you won't have a problem. I never had any problems with my dropship orders because I had reputalbe dropshippers.

    One good place (that I used) to find wholesalers was Worldwide Brands. It does cost to join but is well worth it. They have lots of categories of merchandise and lists whether the company does dropshipping or just sells wholesale and gives you all their contact information.

    I also purchased items by bulk (no dropshipping) to use as "Leaders" on ebay, running approximately 10-15 auctions at all times to get customers. Ebay is a good tool to use to sell products, it just takes some time to establish a relationship with your customers.

    Hope this helps,


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    I'm use to be a silver powerseller and then dropped to bronze. It has been very difficult for me to keep up, Ever since the new DSR have been introduced.

    You see i have a 99% positive rating but yet my DSR quality score is low.. Mainly becuase of shipping times. Most of products are drop shipped from china to the US. Unfortunately no matter how many times you tell them the shipping times they still complain about slow shipping.

    So the Powers of EBAY reduced the amount I can sell.

    Luckily i have a seperate account that strictly sells info products does ok.

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

    Skype: twool9
    Email me at thomasw9 ((((a)))) G mail

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      Originally Posted by Thomas W View Post

      Luckily i have a seperate account that strictly sells info products does ok.
      I have been thinking of selling info products myself on Ebay. Thomas, can you elaborate on how well you're doing? Any tips? Thanks for any advice.
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    If you are going to drop ship be very careful it could take 7-14 days for products coming from China to the US. If your items get damage on the way to the customer and they want a refund this can cause you some BIG problems because you will have to refund the money back to the buyer and who will you return the item to if it is coming from China? That being said it will cost you shipping fees back the the dropshipper and you will have to pay the buyer the cost of the item and their shipping fees. NOw ebay and paypal have a new policy that if you are a new seller on ebay it could take up to 21 days before paypal release your money, now you made a sale and your money is being held by paypal for 21 day or until the buyer receive the product and when the item get to the buyer it is damage you will have a BIG PROBLEM. I hope this will help you: To get some feed back buy some ebooks on ebay from .01 to .99 cent this will get you feed back right away the reason for this to show you can be trusted and this will give a feed back of 100% and once you get a feed back of 10 you can use the by it now option with the buy it now option you will know how much you profit will be. If you set up a bid for your items, let's say you are selling Ugg cardy boots and you pay $60.00 dollars and the highest bid is $58.00 you lose,
    now if you use the buy it now option and your cost is $60.00 and you use the buy it now option you ask $105.00 you get my point, AND UGG CARDY BOOTS DO SELL. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: You need a feed back of 30 to sell a Dutch Auction which mean you can sell 20 or 30 pairs at the same time with a buy it now option and this is one auction this will save you listing fees now if you sell 25 boots for $105 in 7 days you gross should be $1125 and if you find another product to sell at the same price I hope you see my point. also you can have these items drop ship. My point is droping can work but You must have the right infromation to make it work.
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    Ebay is still a valuable channel - you can definitely make money there. It all comes down to having the right product to sell there IMHO

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    Here are some places to start. google skip mcgrath drop shipping he has many years on ebay and his advice is good
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    I use to so ebay with Worldwide Brands - drop shipping. Not as profitable as other parts of internet marketing, just wasn't my thing.
    $1,500,000 in 14 months - OMG Machines ---> I went from $0 to $1,000,000 in under 9 MONTHS.
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    I was doing eBay like crazy before the ban of digital downloads.
    Automation and no shipping was awesome.
    I am not really into the CD fulfillment companies, I just used
    the downloads to insert an opt-in page and build my list.
    So the answer is, no not very much anymore.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    • Profile picture of the author All Night Cafe
      I've been selling small IN reports for 2 1/2
      years. I do it mainly to build my lists.

      Don't make much money with the reports, I use
      them as a lost leader just to get the names
      and emails address.

      Hope this helps.
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    how would you get more people to look at your listing and making a bid?

    i have some items to sell but i dont know if anyone will check them out.
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