How do I earn $10 fast?

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Hello guys!

How do I earn $10 fast and have it credited to my Paypal account?

I need the money to buy a certain WSO.

Please help.
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    Write articles for somebody...
    $4 a pop- You can write 3 articles
    and make $12

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    If your writing skills are good- you
    can charge $6

    Find someone in the forum who is
    looking for an article writer... Or go to
    elance... Or ? Find Freelancers for Hire. Get Your Project Done.

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    If you don't have the money to buy a WSO, I suggest you just learn a few good ways of making money through forums because the WSO might ask you to get some sort of capital in order to get started.
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    I would say offer a car washing service but then it would most likely be cash and not credited to your paypal account. But hey everyone needs they're car washed and this could be quite profitable for you". (jus kidding around)

    But if your like me and don't like too much manual labour then I'd suggest something like what I mention in my 'signature'.

    Or if you have a website or blog which gets a medium amount of traffic you could offer monthly ad spots at a price.
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    Try your hand in Freebie Trading (Incentive Marketing), as a college student this is what has been helping me pay for partying and books! Usually its only open to people in the US though!
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    Maybe try messaging the person who is running the WSO and offer one of your 'skills' in exchange for it...if you can write decent articles maybe you could do that for them or build some backlinks...something along those lines. But make sure your offer isn't a joke..make it of real value, something that would really help the person.

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    Such was my metality when I first started. WSO do not have to be a life and death till. If you can not afford it then so be it.

    You can even get the product for free or on credit by contacting the owner of the said product. I remember when I first started, I had no money to buy Jason Pereria's WSO but got it for free and then paid later.

    You may also offer to do some "dirty" job for the owner of the product in exchange. If none works then forget it, you can learn many things on the warrior forum without the WSO.

    Buy it if you have the money but if you don't, it doesn't have to be the end of the world.
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    Ask your mom for 10$.
    Easiest option.
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      LoL pretty smart though but not everlasting

      Originally Posted by csongi12xme View Post

      Ask your mom for 10$.
      Easiest option.
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    Whatever you find ... forget that WSO and just keep doing the thing that earnt you $10 fast and leverage it.

    You'll already be better off that most.

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      Well the easiest way to make $10 is to do this.

      Find a few books in your house. Make sure they still have the upc code still on it.

      Go to and sell your books.

      I use to do this years back when i didnt have any money and needed a quick hundred bucks .

      You can sell them pretty quickly and easily

      Just be honest when writing out the description of the book.

      Like if the binder is bent or cracked . Make sure you put that in the description.

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    Writer articles or design something and you can get paid for that.
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    If you still in hunt of $10...tell me if you can write some articles for us ??
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    Buzz me -
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      A lot of people are suggesting article writing but not everyone is a good writer. If you can write articles you can find people to buy them. If not you could offer other services like link building, web 2.0 account creation, or other things that need to be done that a lot of warriors don't have time to do themselves.

      For $10 you could also donate blood or plasma. You'll even get a free cookie.

      Get a professional voice over for your next audio or video project at an affordable price -- I will record 150 words of text for just $5.

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    Have a scout around the house and see if there is anything you can list on ebay that way you can say you will only accepts paypal payments and they will credit straight to your paypal account.

    If you have a bank account just link it to your paypal account and transfer $10 from it to paypal
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    Well I think luck has come your way,

    Can you do some videos/short reports? If yes, then PM me


    Just a random guy. Learning Ruby On Rails at the moment.

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    Also agree on writing articles.

    In fact, I recommend to quickly find people looking for articles to be written.
    Secret Technique Effortlessly CATAPULTS YOUR Opt-In Rates By: 100%..200%..Even 400% Higher!
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    Instead of asking how can i earn $10,
    you could have also listed what all you know that can help you earn $10. This would've found the answer in 3-4 replies
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    Try doing some quality articles for, they paid you by article, if you are really good try doing some freelance work here for people who needs it.

    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

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    Everyone seems to be telling you to write articles. That's great advice - if you CAN write articles. Here's a different spin on the writing angle...

    If English is not your native language, can you translate articles for your own market?
    I have worked as a writer/editor for many years. Even though American English is my native language, I frequently use other writers in the UK, or Australia, to translate my work to better suit their market. There is an entire world out there and not all of us are limiting ourselves to the U.S.A.

    There are 1 billion+ people accessing the Internet by computers and 2 billion more who only go on-line through i-phones, Blackberries and other mobile devices - many of them in Asia and South America. HUGE potential there. I wish I could talk to those people in their native language. Get the idea?

    Let us know more about you by adding to your profile and you will get more and better ideas!
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    Yeah, I mean there are tons of ways to make quick money, but to get it into your paypal account asap I would just offer a service like mentioned above.

    Translation is a phenomenal idea if you speak another language. You can bang out 10 articles in half an hour probably which should be at least $20

    What other skills do you have? Do you have a product of your own you can firesale really cheaply just to get the quick $10.

    Not sure how long it takes to link a credit card to your account but you can just do that and your card will be charged.

    good luck man
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    Have you looked into Cha Cha?
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    OK OK, so that is what to do for $10....what about $20? j/k

    **Smart Entrepreneur/Jeffrey Stine**
    2,500 Unique PLR products for $24.95
    Free Movie Site:

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    Writing an article or 2 for someone is the easiest and fastest way I think...
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    go here at elance
    Elance | Find jobs. Deliver great work. Get paid for results.

    type in a keyword that describes a skill you have,register, then do a job for someone who wants to use your skills.

    Learn to do internet marketing the way that gets you traffic for any business.

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    I would join mate there's heaps of opportunities to use your skills in there

    "If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not working on hard enough problems. And that’s a big mistake"

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