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This is just an FYI for anyone here who has an Warrior ID
who now would prefer to use another.

As some of you might know (probably not though), I had
another moniker: wordmuse.

If you google wordmuse, you'll see me all over the place,
generally including a signature like:


So it's not like I've used it to hide who I am. I used it because
I love to write, so I'm a muse of words: wordmuse.

But I also saw a trend in Warriors that I liked, which is to use
our real names. So thus I created a new ID: balsimon.

So now I have two ids. I contacted the Warrior Support Desk
and learned that I had made a mistake. So I'd like to help
anyone else who might be thinking of doing something similar
by letting you know what Warrior Helpdesk told me. Hopefully
they won't mind me quoting them:
"hi Bal

You should have requested to have your username changed. Now the option is to merge both accounts. Please update your profile(sig or bio) on both accounts with a message that proves you own both accounts.

So I have now done that, hopefully to their satisfaction, and
that should be that. Lesson learned: ask the Helpdesk for
support. There may be an easier way to do what you want to
do than what you may come up with out of ignorance.

Hope this is mildly helpful.

Best Regards,
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