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I have two questions; one is not related to the other but I didn't feel like posting two different threads.

1) Why do the affiliate links look different when you get it directly from clickbank versus getting it directly from a site? Are they still the same and do they still credit you when a buyer clicks on it?

2) Does anyone use safelists to promote their sites? If so, are you successful with it?
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    1. This is cloaked links, hiding the link from the web and yes it still goes to the same place with your credit.

    2. I tried a couple of safe-lists and never really worked out. I think listjoe is one of them and did'nt really pan out.

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    As far as Safe Lists go...I have had no success with them.

    I am curious if anyone else has. Maybe there's a model out there that works, but none that I have come across or seen.

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    Originally Posted by Susanna Dodd View Post

    2) Does anyone use safelists to promote their sites? If so, are you successful with it?
    Since Tyler answered your first question heres my opinion on safelists.

    Safelists work very well but, there is a big but.

    It is all on you email pitch.

    Try using a few and check your conversions.

    I would say try using even 3 different ones.

    I have always had good luck on them..

    Not nothing spectacular but definitely good place to give something away for free and capture them as a subscriber.

    Selling products doesnt work very well in my opinion

    The main key with safelists, is stay persistent and consistent with them.

    Now if you have the budget, i would say upgrade so you dont waste all day as a free member trying to earn credits.

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