PHP Gurus - How much should this cost me? (fairly simple)

by David Surk 4 replies
Hi folks, hopefully someone who knows php can help me out. I'm using a script that generates really simple pages. It uses tpl and css files for the actual template formating and layout. What I want to do is add a pre head to the top of the pages generated with some specific text and formatting.

If I were to pay someone to modify the tpl file how much should it cost me?

Much love,
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  • I'm not sure what you mean by "pre head." Are you talking about adding an html header or a visible region of the page?
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    well if it is what i think it is, this should be a sumwhat easy job and should not cost u that much at all
    im guessing maybe $15-$20 if done by sumbody good
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    A pre head being just some text that is at the very top of the page. The pre head does have a small bit of php that is dynamic. It just tells the visitor what state or country they are from. But on the whole is just 1 line of text.

    Much love,
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      MaxMind - GeoIP PHP API

      Else Add:

      <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

      <br>Country Code:
      <script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_country _code());</script>
      <br>Country Name:
      <script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_country _name());</script>
      <script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_city()) ;</script>
      <script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_region( ));</script>
      <script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_latitud e());</script>
      <script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_longitu de());</script>

      Delete lines you do not need.

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