What Does A $13 Cost-Per-Click Mean To Me?

by James Liberty 7 replies
I've been exploring a new market recently which looks promising. However, I just learned that the five highest-searched for keywords on Google cost an average of $13 per click!

What insights can be gained from this data? (I was thinking about creating a product for the market... but now I'm a bit hesitant).
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    I gain the insight that Id be targeting long-tail words for traffic.

    Can I have the keyword? :p

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    For that market I'd rather set up a blog and have the ads all over my site. Instead of trying to compete with $13 keywords I'd rather try to get some of that money.

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    You have to have deep pockets to pay $13 per click. 100 clicks = $1,300. Wonder what the conversion rate would be?

    siggy taking a break...

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    In a competitive market such as this, what are some alternative ways that I could drive targeted traffic... without spending a fortune? (And would this be the right strategy?)
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  • Profile picture of the author John M Kane
    You haven't said what your goal is.Short term or long?
    Do you intend to use Adwords to get leads?(seems so after your second post)
    Sell products?

    our own Dr Andy Williams could answer very well.
    LSI,Siloing,good content=kick buttkiss.
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    Where did you get the $13 figure from? If it's what Google suggested in your account, keep in mind those numbers are always inflated.

    I'd try entering an ad and bidding 10 cents and see what happens.
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    Could you develop a similar product? The thought being it seems to be profits in this market. If you could create a product or have it outsourced.

    The folks that are paying 13 CPC could you find a way to have them become affiliates to drive your product potentially? Or you could develop an affiliate market for it if one doesn't exist for your product or the keyword.

    Offer it cheaper than everyone else and have affiliates drive the sales?
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