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I just watched a video sent to me entitled Google Mind Tricks. Basically, it's a $97 program to teach you how to target Gmail, citing that they will soon be raising the price to $1,000 for the program with the possibility of a $10,000 seminar.

I've been using this method for a long time. Not sure what you get for $97 or $1,000, but advertising on Gmail is an easy process.

If you aren't familiar with it, basically google scans your emails and provides relevant/targeted ads in your Gmail inbox based on what you and your friends/family/associates are talking about in email.

For example, if you write to your aunt that your New Year's resolution is to quit smoking, google will read this and plaster a bunch of "stop smoking" ads in your in box.

A few years ago, politicians attempted to ban this...but as it seems, Google prevailed (as always).

The great things about this is that the conversions using this method are phenomenal...way better than normal adwords (at least for me). You are basically putting your ad in front of people's "private" conversations.

To target Gmail, you need to get into your adwords account and go to "content network" and to managed placements (this is where you decide where your ads show).

Once you get there, you need to type in mail.google. (com) not gmail. (com)

Hope this helps...
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