Have any of you guys tested this OR heard what's good? Email Name...

by BJ Min 4 replies

You know when you check your email,
YOUR NAME appears on the left like anyone else like:

Joe Johnson
Brad Pitt
Michael Jordan

But I noticed one marketer have his name like
-= Mo Peterson =-

So I started making my name look like
<><> BJ Min <><>

to STAND OUT FROM all the other emails...

Have any of you guys tested this out? I am not a good
tester but it would be cool if you guys test out the emails
with and without those symbols...

I felt <> was catchy to the eye so I did that...

You guys should do this to STAND OUT from all the other emails.
Hope this is a helpful tip...


PS....but I would still like to know if you guys have
heard of any research showing what symbols works the best...
i am not good at testing nor do i know how to test emails (using getresponse)
so if someone could do this...that'd be great
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