My List Just Reached a Milestone and All the Pieces Are in Place!

by Ouroboros 2 replies
Okay, Not much of a milestone, only 50+ subscribers but it didn't take long!

I want to thank the members here for helping me get to this point, I've been a member since Christmas Day, 2007 and it was a hell of a nice Xmas present!

I've been studying everything I could find and loosely formulating my plan since then. I've run into a lot of roadblocks and obstacles, but along the way I've learned so very much.

I've learned to write and use articles for marketing, use Squidoo and EZA, SEO my WordPress sites, set up my own autoresponder and much, much, more.

But the most important thing I've learned is that you have to take an idea and run with it!

Do something even if it's wrong! I've had some sales using Traffic Xchanges (thanks Steven W.) and quickly learned about squeeze pages and getting your offer 'above the fold'.

I've set up some sites using WP and Squidoo and learned how to drive traffic...

I've failed at almost everything I've tried! I'm ecstatic!

Why? Because I know how to test now, I know how to find out what works. And thanks to Allen Says and Chris Rempel and Paul Simpson (courtesy of the War Room) I now have a focus...

Hang in there you new guys, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!

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