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Hi, Warriors
If you dominate a niche with a blog or website should you start a second site or blog in the same niche. I have read here that the guy who does the cellphones reverse rules that market would it make sense for him as example to have more than one site or not

1. Is one authority site(or blog) that is making money enough or should you keep making more sites in the niche

2. My concern for my niche is if one site is making money woud you not lose money by throwing great articles or posting on a new second site (that does not have the readership) that could have been on the first established one
Hope this is not confusing..thanks
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    Is there room in the niche for you to create a second or third site? Are there high traffic keywords that your present site is not ranking for? Have you tapped out the niche? These are questions I'd be asking myself.

    If you already dominate the niche, there may be only a few crumbs left. Of course, you can always try to have 2 sites ranking for the same words and take control of the first page in the serps.

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      Thanks Heuristic, The questions you asked just made me realize that there are keywords that I have not tapped. I guess you are saying is the niche big enough for 2 sites or blogs
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    What about needs covered? Does your site satisfy all the needs of the niche?
    When the answer is "no", you should remember the P&G marketing strategy. It creates many brands to cover focus audience of one niche, then second and so on. So if you find some unsatisfied needs, you can create the second website to cover another audience. It mayy compete the first one. But any way you them both.
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    I used to have 6 sites in the reverse phone niche. Sold 3 of them for $3999, $1299 and $899 now working on the other three.

    The niche is profitable but highly competitive and the refund rates are very high.
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      I don't understand why you would make loads of sites for a niche... Maybe I am wrong but wouldn't it be easier to rank for terms by using 1 site and 1 site only. Just my thinking .
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  • What would Proctor and Gamble do?
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    Creating a second site within a niche isn't a bad idea in my opinion, for instance I am looking at the sat nav market and could create one site for Garmins with a second for TomToms for instance.
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