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    Go to system restore and look around the date you started getting the trouble. See if your system installed something. If you do see something, roll it back. That should help.

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    Get rid of limewire.

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      I second the previous comment: Get RID of Limewire. Using Limewire will result in TONS viruses and other nasties that will bring down your entire system.
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    Limewire (and all other file sharing software) is just asking to have your machine infected. And no offense, but there is no need to use such programs as long as your listening to music you legally own.

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        Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

        That's like going to a car lot and buying a car instead of getting the one that has a huge 'FREE' sign on the hood.

        SAME CAR AND ALL!!

        Doesn't make any sense

        My computer is pretty crappy, I suppose that could be the reason!

        I'm not going to go into the ethics of listening to illegally downloaded music, that wasn't what you asked about, but you're probably infested with trojans and viruses if you are using limewire.

        My 13 year old niece downloaded limewire onto her computer, and it took me several hours (plush a tongue lashing) to restore it for her

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        Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

        That's like going to a car lot and buying a car instead of getting the one that has a huge 'FREE' sign on the hood.

        SAME CAR AND ALL!!

        Doesn't make any sense
        Kory, your reputation on this forum is important. You have to earn a good one and it takes effort and time. But a bad one can be created very quickly. As well as the comment above you also advertised the fact that you could get Photoshop for 'free' in an earlier thread. If you're stupid enough to tell everyone that you steal people's stuff, do you think you will be trusted in any of your business dealings?

        Wise up man!

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    you definitely need to start downloading music then u can start listening to it whilst on the web so it plays in the background & doesnt interfere with your work.
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    Any internet music program, whether limewire or rhapsody or whatever will skip while you surf if you don't have enough RAM on your computer. I would suggest Rhapsody over limewire bc you can get viruses on limewire. Depending on your computer and the type of RAM it takes, it'd cost you on the average $60 to upgrade if you do it yourself.
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    There are more factors to this than just ram. Plus it will be more like $30 for 2 gigs of ram. #1) limewire music player is not good. better off using windows media player if you already have the music on your pc that you want to play. #2) What programs are you running at the same time? What kind of processor do you have and what speed is it? Single core, dual core?

    If you are doing multiple heavy tasks at the same time on a single core this going to make your music choppy like that. But Windows media player and an internet broswer should be no problem.

    If you thing your computer is loaded up with spyware, use spybot search and destroy. It is free and works great.
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  • No, you are thinking of this scenario:

    "That's like going to a car lot and buying a car instead of breaking into one and stealing it".

    Theft is theft. There are thousands of ways to listen to free music online without full blown stealing it.

    YouTube, make a playlist there. Go to Project Playlist | Myspace Playlist | Create, Share Music Playlists | Music Playlist || Facebook Playlist, Tagworld, Stickam, Hi5, Gaia, Friendster, Xanga, Myspace Music Player, Myspace MP3 Player/Players, Facebook Music Playlist, Myspace Music Playl lol and make one. Heck, Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music is awesome too.

    At my old college, there was a few students who set up an independant file sharing program, that everyone on campus could use to share their computers. Long story short, they got caught, and were charged with the maximum amount possible for each shared song, and the potential charge was in the billions.

    Obviously they didn't pay nearly that much (it was a scare tactic), but you can believe they got in some serious trouble.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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    Sounds like a memory problem. You might want to check into adding some more RAM to your computer. I would not use Limewire. Like previous posters have said, it's full of bugs. Possibly try itunes or rhapsody.
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    Actually, it could be a memory situation, but I would be willing to bet that the machine in question does have viruses.
    Let me state that you can also find legitimate free music on the net, plus there are sites that allow you to stream it.
    My nephew has a band that I believe you can get their music off myspace.
    Some one in the Off Topic forum posted a playlist and it was from a site that lets you make your own playlist (I assume legally). The site was called FM something I believe.

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    Use bearshare instead of limewire, its $1 a month though
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      Another possibility...

      What internet access speed are you using? Your modem can contribute to the slowness as well. All DSL are not created equal. DSL Lite, which I have, slows the download when I try to open more than one web page at a time, especially if they have heavy audio or video components running the moment you make contact. Of course, if you're on dial-up, you definitely will get jerky music and downloads, and even freeze-ups which I also get sometimes with my DSL connection.

      My computer has sufficient RAM and other requirements so I know it's the DSL slowing down.

      I loaded all my CD music onto my computer so I can turn on a playlist whenever I please without relying on the internet.

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    Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

    I LOVE to listen to music while surfing the web. I use Limewire while doing so. It always worked fine until recently, everytime I have Limewire it will work fine, until the second I bring up something else(letting Limewire run in the background) my music will start skipping and freezing.

    I tried running Ccleaner and disk defrag and things.

    Idk why it skips =(

    Any advice?

    Limewire is known as a virus- hacker-magnet. I wouldn' touch that site with a ten-foot pole, especially if you're working on the computer.

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