What is the fastest way to make money online ???

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the absolute fastest way to generate income. like say within a week.

any idea ???
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    You can write a 10-pack (or more) of articles in a popular niche and then offer them here on the forum with PLR (Private Label Rights). You could sell the pack of 10 articles for $5 and sell TONS of copies! That is of course, if you can write articles... Can you?

    You can also:

    1. Sell things that you own on eBay or Craigslist (for FAST cash)

    2. Join an affiliate program that pays INSTANT commissions through PayPal and promote the products via a FREE blog or website

    3. Offer web design services to businesses... Even if you don't know how to build websites you can contract a deal for $500 and then outsource the creation of the website online (even here on the forum) for cheaper. Then pocket the difference. People offer web design services for $149 and cheaper! You could be the "middle man" and make nice profits just for finding the clients and being the "face."

    Hope these help!

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    Offer a service.. article writing is popular, to help make some seed cash.

    The use the seed cash to invest in something more long term.
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    By offering a service.

    You get to get paid instantly for what you do. Of course even in this case you have to have some sort of portfolio or do a couple of freebies to build some reputation.
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    I also suggest article writing. If you don't mind doing the work, it can be a great way to get started. You can build a reputation here if you put out good stuff. To start, for example, you can offer $5 for an article, and if you can write 3 an hour, that's $15/hour.

    It's not the millions that some people expect to make when they start, but its real. You could then take your first $100 and invest it in other online opportunities.

    You could invest into buying a tool that, for example, automates submitting links. You could then charge for this service and make more than $15 an hour.


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    I think I probably over promote them, but for some reason I feel that this is one of the best ways for people to EASILY earn some money:

    Writing articles @ www.textbroker.com

    Seriously I don't know why I keep promoting that site.
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    Originally Posted by buffblaze View Post

    the absolute fastest way to generate income. like say within a week.

    any idea ???
    sorry but the fastest way is forex.. You just need $5000 to start.. lol

    The fastest ways depends on what you can and what you would do for the money... writing is a good way but what if you are no writer??

    Still focus on what you can..


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    you any good at writing, any particular areas of interest/niche your involved in?

    Really need more information about you before I can offer you advice on making money but I do agree with the other comments, writing aritcles for people is a good place to start. This is how I made my first few hundred dollars when I first started online a few years ago.

    Quick money can always be made through ebay, use alibaba to source some cheap stock in an area your interested in and sell it on ebay.

    Good luck!
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    Here is something that I think will work :

    Select a niche ( I will suggest reverse phone lookup and reverse email lookup - combine both )

    Buy a keyword rich domain name, host it, install wordpress and do some basic designs

    Write 20 key word rich articles ( two of the articles should be product reviews of reverse phone detective and reverse email finder - also known as reverse email detective )

    Submit the 18 articles to ezinearticles with a link back to the review on your blog ( if the article is on reverse phone lookup then the link should point to reverse phone detective review, if it is on reverse email lookup the link should point to the reverse email finder review )

    Create another ezinearticles account ( you can only submit 10 articles as a basic member and you don't want to wait for 7 days ) and submit the remaining 8 articles following the method about.

    After about 5 days ( could be 4 days ) the articles will be approved( if you have made no mistakes ). Bookmark the articles to like 10 social sites each. Wait for another 3 days or so, you should be able to make between $60-$100. You can then sell off the blog for between $300 - $800.

    P:s If you can do this for one month then you should be able to make your first $2k. I am 85% sure about that.
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    If you want to generate income right away and can write, I agree with all the other people who have said that here.

    I started by writing, and I loved the way the money was so fast. You don't just need to be able to write, but show that you are good at communicating, that you stick around and don't just disappear, and that you read the instructions carefully. If you do that you'll be ahead of 75% of other writers who offer their services on forums and you can generate enough business to keep you going and generate some revenue to invest in long term projects.

    I'd also like to add that writing for those involved in IM can be a great way to learn more about it. Some of the people I wrote for were great and very helpful, and it also gave me the chance to learn a lot while I was getting paid for those articles.
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    Flip a blog/website. Check out the war room also, some good *free* ideas there worth checking out.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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    I agree with most of the ways suggested by the members here. Article writing is one of the best way to earn some quick cash.
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    Maybe launching a cheap $7 report, you can signup for Michael's "Minisite profits exposed", watch the videos and setup a simple sales letter, and write the e-book.
    If you can find a hungry market with Google's Keyword Tool, then you can write a product in that niche and sell it as hot cakes.

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    Try to offer a unique service and then you will achieve your goal.But the problem is that it's not very easy for you to find out that service.Therefore,try to think it carefully.I still think that if you have that ability and power to make money,you will make it.
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    Write articles for Associated Content. They are the best and it's how I started off online. However this will only work if you are in the US as you need a US phone verified account.

    I wish you best of luck.

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    Originally Posted by buffblaze View Post

    the absolute fastest way to generate income. like say within a week.

    any idea ???
    Sell what ever you can on ebay !!! That would be the fastest and instant.

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      Originally Posted by Tyler Pratt View Post

      Sell what ever you can on ebay !!! That would be the fastest and instant.
      That's what I was gonna say. Only I was going to add sell your "body parts" off on ebay....It's all about getting it out there virally these days. :p
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    Easy question, eBay.
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    Depends on your skill level and what you can and cannot do.

    The fastest way for cash in hand though would be to sell your household items on classified sites like Craigslist/Gumtree etc. If you can wait a little longer for the money then ebay is a good option.

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    A Week? You have got to be joking.... It is all hard work until you are established. Even writing within a freelance site takes some time until someone hires you, since there are thousands out there looking to make money fast. I have come across those who offer writing articles for a buck... YEAH a buck, gotta be kidding right??

    So unless you want to do something dishonest, making money online will take time and effort...Be patient, work hard and you will see results... : )
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    play online lotto :-))
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    I would suggest offering a service too - article writing, ebook writing, site creation, copywriting,... Depends on what you are good at (or can get good at quickly!).

    Andy Wood - Featured in the Who's Who of Business Elite - how cool is that eh!

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    Originally Posted by buffblaze View Post

    the absolute fastest way to generate income. like say within a week.

    any idea ???
    What skills do you have? Do you have any prior internet business experience?

    If none, then you have to be more realistic and get ready to do some research and work.

    Believe me, there is no free money except if you are luck to hit a jackpot.

    Best Wishes
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