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Hey everyone.

I love creating videos using my camcorder but I'm trying to figure out an issue I've been having with my external microphone.

I have the Panasonic PV-GS300 and I'm using a UpRight JT-988 external wireless microphone.

I'm just using Windows Movie Maker to compress/publish my videos on to my computer.

When I record using the external microphone it only records the audio in the left ear which means when people play back my videos they only hear me talking in their left headphone or speaker.

When I record without the external microphone it records fine and you can hear the audio on both sides.

I did some research online and saw that most microphones only record MONO on one channel which is the reason why.

I believe it's unprofessional to record like this and I want to fix the problem.

I was thinking I either need to buy a better "stereo microphone" or use another program to edit/publish my videos.

Can anyone help me and possibly provide a link to what I need to use?

I prefer wireless mics but a wired one is fine.

Thanks Warriors!

Best regards,
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    Or convert it to mono.

    Project HERE.

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    There are two ways you can solve this problem:

    1. Buy a stereo mic. (expensive) and might not work if your camcorder only has a mono mic. input. I'm not familiar with your camera model, so I don't know what type of input you have, but your instruction manual should tell you.
    2. Get a "Y lead" from Radio Shack or somewhere similar. This is basically a lead that has two phono/RCA sockets to one phono/RCA plug. You'll also need to get a "barrel adaptor" which converts the plug to a socket. The mono output from your camcorder onto the single end of your Y lead, and the lead from your computer into the double end. This will give you mono audio on both channels. I've done this many times over the years with no problems whatsoever. Obviously this only works if you're using analogue audio capture, if you're using Firewire, option 1. might be your only option.

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    I always recommend that everything be converted to mono anyway in order to save bandwidth.

    After you record, bring your video into your editor and you should be able to encode mono. If you're using Flash, for example, this will cut your audio file size in half which means you can lower your bitrate.

    There's no good reason for using stereo in most online videos.

    And when an audio file, or video is in MONO, it still plays on both speakers.

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    I don't see how I can do this in Windows Movie Maker.

    What editor do you use?

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    I use Sony Vegas Pro as well as Camtasia, depending on what I'm editing.

    It is doable in Movie Maker, just Google 'convert to mono windows movie maker' but there are other ways, depending on how you are encoding and what your final format will be.

    For example, you could use Audacity to edit the audio and convert it to MONO. If you haven't used it, I high recommend you download a trial of Camtasia. It's real easy to use, great for screen captures and live video editing (for simple stuff) and will help you produce your videos in a variety of formats (Flash being my favorite).

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