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Hey this is a question for the videos guys out there.

I'm promoting a product via video marketing and I'm wanting to pull a video testimonial off their website and import it into Camtasia as a way of promoting the product. (I have their permission)

Kinda like I have an intro, talk about product, then have the video testimonial come on.

My problem is the video file isn't downloadable.

I know theres a way you can pull the file but I just cant figure it out.

By the way the movies are flash videos

Thanks in advance,

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    camtasia the testimonial

    place mic to speaker

    save as Avi

    add avi to your movie where you wish..

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    Yeah capture the flash video using camtasia. No need for a mic as it captures the sound already (or should)


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    Hi Michael,

    You need Download Flash Video- the most popular way to download Flash video

    I use it to rip flash videos.

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester
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    Download Helper on Firefox will help you get the video onto your hard drive, then you'll need to convert the file from flash into an AVI file for editing. There are lots of programs available that can do this for you.
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    I use both Orbit and Download Helper depending on the files. I've just checked the Camtasia site and Download Helper detects the .flv format almost as soon as you click the play.
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