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I have a quick question, I have been submitting my articles to Ezine and GoArticles. However I do believe that I would benefit more by submitting my articles to 400+ directories.

I have purchased some software to do this, although I do need to create accounts at each site, does anyone know of a way to get this done automatically?

Thank You
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    Which software did you buy? Some software has an option to do it semi-automatically (for example Articlebot). But you can still get someone to do the whole process for you, as it can be a little time consuming to click all the validation emails you'll get - I found someone here in a WSO to do it for me for a very reasonable price.
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    Thank you for your replies.

    I was not under the impression that I would simply have to sit there and see the money roll in.

    I understand that it takes time and effort to be successful.

    Hence why I do spend much of my time creating new posts, blog commenting, article writing etc. I was simply going to submit my rewritten articles to additional directories as I believe it will not hurt.

    Plus lets face it, if there is software available that will make a aspect of affiliate marketing quicker so that you can spend more time on another aspect wouldnt it be worthwhile?


    Skype: lioncirth <------ Coming Soon!

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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      Well, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what a few experts have to say about that statement!
      I'm sure James will be along soon, surely he won't be able to resist when he sees that :p
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    You can find people to do account creation very cheaply at oDesk. Just make sure you communicate your expectations in terms of time spent, and set your limits for number of hours/week at something you're comfortable with.
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    I agree with Alexa here.
    Links won't hurt your site.
    Markething.Me - The Best FREE Social Marketing Tool Available!!

    Free Tools:
    IMT Website Submitter(Indexer) | IMT Directory Submitter | IMT RSS Submitter | IMT SERP Checker
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    Originally Posted by precious007 View Post

    Creating hundreds of links to your domain will hurt you if you're looking for long-term search engine traffic.

    And as of my experience (well over 2 years in the IM business) I can well tell your that most (if not all) of those directories will not send you much traffic (if any)

    See my point? What's the point in submitting those articles to hundreds of article directories then?

    Just use the top article directories, and instead of spamming build links to some quality articles in order to have them ranked well in the search engines.

    "well over 2 years" huh? Wow your an old-timer now

    Well, I see this "2 years" has thoroughly qualified you as a practitioner of Internet Marketing VooDoo... :p

    What exactly and specifically, other than being around for 2 years do you base the following statement on?:

    Creating hundreds of links to your domain will hurt you if you're looking for long-term search engine traffic.
    And more importantly how can you or anyone know what any search engine is going to do over the "long-term" when things are constantly changing?...

    Don't give bad advice based on subjectivity and baseless hypothesis...This is how false rumors get started... kind of like the whole "footprints" and "duplicate content penalizing you" myths that have been mindlessly regurgitated since 2004...

    Do your own test compile your own statistics and pay little mind to jaw-jacking...

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    First to start of with people need to learn to test things instead of passing around bad advice. Let me make this easy for anyone reading...

    If I release a press release on PrWeb then it will build thousands of link within hours to my website. That would not hurt me one simgle bit but it would highly increase my rankings.

    No links are going to hurt you by building them (disclaimer: you can do illegal things that will hurt you, but I will not get into that). Anyone that says link building hurts is a fool, it's that simple. Not flaming anyone or being rude, I am just telling the truth like it is.

    I build thousands of links every single day and I have top listings and no my site certainly does not hurt. Matter fact I can post on my site and in 2 minutes flate be indexed and have top listings. I did this with a brand new article and in 2 minutes with no backlinks I had top listings.

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