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by Rush
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I just recently added an AWeber opt-in form to one of my sites, and I'm getting 10-20 new subscribers every day by offering them a freebie. I'm new to email marketing and I have no clue how to build a relationship, how often to send them emails, etc. Can anyone recommend a good WSO?

Is it a good idea to set up things months in advance by configuring follow-up messages in AWeber? This way eventually all my subscribers will be getting quality stuff on auto-pilot for months (eventually years?), and then sprinkle in my promotions? This is of course assuming that the content isn't time sensitive, but I could always go back and update my follow up messages when needed.

Any tips for a newbie at email marketing are greatly appreciated!
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    Hey Rush...

    I have done some work with a few guys over the last year or so... in regards to email marketing.

    And one of the major pieces of advice they gave me was to over deliver to my list.
    Give them video tutorials
    The Latest tips you may have heard on the Warrior forum
    Free Ebooks you may have in your collection...

    Aweber has a broadcast tool, so you can send your list a product you want to recommend to them or maybe your own product.. You can do a broadcast without having to change the formation to your message sequence..

    It is good to message you list

    as soon as they confirm...
    then 1 day after that
    then 2 days after your first message
    then 2 days after your second message

    This system has worked well for me..... so it lets my list know who I am and they will look out for my emails..
    I then email them weekly after the initial sequence..

    I hope this helps..

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      Thank you Tasso! Very helpful.

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    Yes I agree - over deliver - give surprises, the more valuable the better. Also make sure your mails are interesting.

    Andy Wood - Featured in the Who's Who of Business Elite - how cool is that eh!

    List your business opportunity at

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    Personally, I think an email every day is too much, and only one per week is too few. I send one out on avg. about every 3-4 days, which seems to be the sweet spot with my list members. But that may not be applicable in your case. Just wanted to throw it out there as another possibility.

    Aweber is cool on many levels, but the one thing I really love about it is you can add to your follow-up series a bit at a time if you want, and the system will send the newly added follow-ups to the older members as though it's a broadcast. In other words, it doesn't hurt you to add constantly instead of feeling like you have the daunting task of loading up 100 messages all at once up front before you even build the list.

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      What if I wanted to setup 2-3 follow up messages that every new subscriber gets, before they see the broadcasts I'm sending out on a regular basis? This way new members won't see promotions right away. Is this possible?

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    Hey Rush..

    If you don't mind me asking, what are your traffic generation methods you are using to get your subscribers.

    Are you using Free traffic methods or PPC
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      Originally Posted by Tasso Pepi View Post

      Hey Rush..

      If you don't mind me asking, what are your traffic generation methods you are using to get your subscribers.

      Are you using Free traffic methods or PPC
      A mix of both actually. My site gets a couple hundred visitors a day from organic searches, and I also started sending some PPC traffic to a squeeze page to figure out what it would cost per subscriber.

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    It isn't the amount of emails you is the information and how you want to be viewed by those opening your emails.

    Everyone talks about over delivering and "great content". Unfortunately, THAT is so vague and broad I doubt anyone could honestly tell me what THAT really is. Simply put, what one may consider as over delivery, another will see it as the "same old-same old."

    You follow?

    Personally, I think the big X factor in it all isn't about what you say but how you say it. Personally, I subscribe to lists that make me think and at the end make me feel "smarter" for reading them. Sometimes, it is just the entertainment value that gets me.

    But most of the time, I click on their emails not because of some tricky, over thought subject line but because I actually like them.....go figure. That's the rub. And that is why people like Frank Kern can get great open rates for crap subject lines like "hey....look at this" while his copycats flounder about wondering why it can't work for them.

    Usually, when someone tries to tie an email campaign into a set of things you need to do, the next question that follows is..."but when can I start selling them stuff?" That is completely the wrong way to go about it in the first place.

    You start selling them stuff when you have gained their RESPECT and they are thinking that maybe there is more to you, the marketer, than that free e-book/video/report that you have peddled to them.

    Now, can you make money following the same old advice that is being peddled as the "right" way to do it? Sure. But it sure won't separate yourself and your marketing from the pack.

    Just my 2 pennies on that though.

    ....oh....about autoresponders....they are probably the most impersonal thing you can send out to your list. I wouldn't bother. Better to hit them hard with great, thought out content that entertains and makes them go "ummmm" than a string of texts that are designed for pure volume rather than loyalty....
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    Just sent you a PM.
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    Indeed, every day is WAY too much I try each 4-5 days and I find that a little too much but It seems everyone I know likes the 3-4 days method.
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