moral dilemna

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Hiya everyone

I'm having a bit of a moral dilemna lol and was wondering what you would do in a similar position.

Here is the story:

I recently purchased a website (not on this forum)and in the description of the auction it said
"All articles are 100 % unique, feel free to check with Copyscape.
Content will be never sold again, you will have all the rights"

in those exact words.

So I did check copyscape and it seemed the articles were unique. However once I had recieved the sites files and uploaded them I discovered that the articles were not unique and this person was simply using the uniquifier plugin for wordpress.

If you have never heard of the uniquifier plugin it is a plugin for wordpress that changes a few characters in the source files to make your sight seem unique and it can even fool copyscape.

I was quite annoyed at the time but decided to let it go. I have just noticed on the same forum the same person is selling more sites with the same description saying 100% unique content (etc). I checked the articles on their sites and using dupe free pro and it seems yet again the articles are not unique but they do pass copyscape likely because they are using this plugin again.

I confronted the person on the thread and they said their articles were written by a ghostwriter and are definately unique and that the other websites must be copying their content.

The thing is would you just let them go about their business ripping more people off with the fake website descriptions or would you do something about it.

Am I just wasting my time with these scumbags lol.

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