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In searching for another niche to work in, I decided to take a different approach to my usual and look for ones which have shown growth for the last 4 years as my starting point.

So I headed over to Google Insights, pulled up every niche and noted

(a) The % growth over the last 4 years
(b) If the trend was up/down or flat over the last few years (did it by eye)

Ran the report on global trends and used the Jan 2010 numbers for the % movement.
Please note, as we are part way through January, the numbers will have changed a little by the time you look at them on Google Insights.

There are about 600 niches in total.

It has provided useful for me and someone else on the forum may have an interest also.

Since I've been lurking here for a while and learned so much from the generosity of others, feels like its time to give some back.

So attached is an excel spreadsheet of the results.

I hope some of you find it interesting.

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    Handy attachment Brian. Thanks for sharing, I am a fan of good stats.

    Not suprising, Social Networs is the number one trend you located!
    Online marketing, offline marketing and various other things.
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    Thanks for sharing Brian.


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    Thank you for sharing it does make good reading.Thanks

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    Awesome thanks for the great share!
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    Fantastic list, thank you for sharing.

    This should give many of us a few new ideas. Thanks again.
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      Thanks for sharing.Great list to drill down and find more sub niches
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    Google have some nice tools indeed, and thanks for sharing your research
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    No worries - your very welcome
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