Anyone else suffering from info overload???

by Paul Clutterbuck 16 replies
I read a post by Justin Brooke about how he dreams about IM.
I too can't stop thinking on methods that could make me money online, the only problem i put one into half actions and another idea pops into my head. I have even got in the habit of keeping a note pad close by.

I think i am suffering from information overload!!!!

Right now i have tried to make my sun into a promo day for a site i want to flip but have hit a brick wall because i dont know where to start. If i had the money to outsource my job would be so much easier, UGH!!!

I have been trying this IM thing for about 2 years now and i feel i have a wealth of info in my head but i am really struggling to make this work for me. But as my sig says, i wont be giving up even if it kills me, or my head explodes.

Anybody else feel the same as me???
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    Info overlord? Yep, that's one of the meanest overlords out there...
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      I feel your pain.

      Also, I'm now half-way into season 2 of the DVDs for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," so my dream life has turned into an amusing mixture of the IM world and the vampire slaying world.

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        Everybody suffers from information overload so don't feel bad.

        Its how you learn to handle it is where the trick comes in.

        Some people just don't have the focus mantality, however it can be learned and aquired through constant training within yourself.

        Just like when I started online in 97' I had no clue how to handle certain situations for business and technical aspect of marketing because I was an ex-construction worker.

        But when presented with each issue indepandantly over time, I was eventually able to adapt and learn how everthing works in the business world.

        Even though I was a full time Internet marketer (making 100% online in various niches) after a period of time I had to learn everything from corporate contract, working with attorneys, purchasing property, business deals, marketing, selling processes,etc.etc,

        Pretty much a whole slew of experiences that I was forced to aquire because it was required to succeed at whatever I wanted to accomplish no matter what the task was.

        Yes it can be aquired and learned, anything can for that matter, its just a mind set and the willingness to train yourself with good working habits or by force givin a certain situation.

        Frank Bruno
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          Its ironic, I just posted an article about this on my blog yesterday. I know that I was in major gridlock because of this not too long ago. The only thing that cured me of this was to get to work. Yeah, my sites aren't perfect but I'm constantly adding stuff to them, changing, revising, etc, but at least I'm working on it instead of mentally spinning my wheels.


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            Take one step at a time toward your goal, ever moving forward no matter little seems the progress. My father told me a story when I was young that has stayed with me throughout the years as I also have tried to manage projects and ideas.

            "An admirer asked Michelangelo how he sculpted the famous statue of David. How did he craft this masterpiece of form and beauty? Michelangelo’s offered this strikingly simple description: He first fixed his attention on the slab of raw marble. He studied it and then chipped away all that wasn’t David."

            Get a vision, a plan of action, and keep "chipping" away at it.
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        Focus Man! Give yourself a deadline and stick to it. The hard part is actually getting started. Once you finish one goal, move on to the next.
        "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." Ben Franklin
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    More information is always better We just need to take action one by one.

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      A cure is to stay away from computer, TV, radio and do meditation for at least 1 week.

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        I also pain from info overload for abour a year.

        After adjust myself to focus on one project at a time, different world occurred to me.

        Force yourself with discipline!
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          We all suffer from overload every now and then. It is always best to step away for a little while, then come back and just take things one step at a time. Make a list of what needs to be done. Number it in order of urgency and work on each of those steps on at a time until the job task is done.
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          I agree - Focus Focus - Pick one thing and don't get distracted.

          Hammer it hard until you see it working for you. If it doesn't work after a while - move to the next thing.

          All the time you will be learning though.
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            Yep, happens in this industry, without a doubt. Best thing to do is take a time out and clean house - -literally clear a path around your computer, stash anything away that you can on shelves, in drawers, etc. and organize, organize, organize.

            Focus. Sit with a pencil and paper, and write out the top couple of ways you can bring in money. Then focus on growth in only those areas right now. Set up goals and a strategy to reach these financial goals.

            Then go for it. Don't sidetrack and try other things; there are 100’s of ways to bring in the bacon online – and you simply can’t do them all, at least not at once and not well. Resist the temptation to try.
            Get customized help:100+ Ways / Support / Warrior4Hire Specials!

            Save & Share: Best Buys / Top Tasks / blog / MAP / Recurring $
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                well you need to organize yourself bit more ... and stay focused on one task at a time according to its priority .... once you prioritize all your actitivies ...then things will surely get better .....

                And you can search for as much info as you can ... but what you should be really working on is " TAKING ACTION "
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                  Here is a 3 step solution to information overload by Jeff Gardner Founder Of Gardner Marketing group. 1) Decide What type of a home business you want to start-BEFORE you invest in any one home business opportunity, training materials, or seminars. 2) Next, Find an expert on the home business you chose-who has step-by-step training tools and educational materials. Finding the right expert...someone you "Click" key. Try To avoid "gurus" who are simply trying to fill their bank accounts selling you the "latest and greatest" money-making system. These people are more interested in making sales-than helping you actually start a home-based business. 3) Finally, Focus your time working with this one person-and let them recommend other training tools, courses, and workshops. Once you've found an expert you can trust, you'll want to see what training tools or workshops they have that will teach you how to start,run, and grow your new home-based business. One of the great things about finding an expert you can work with closely is that they can recommend other high-quality experts, training tools, workshops, and coaches-who can help you build your business. There are a lot of benefits to using this simple 3-step system. You'll save a lot of money by getting training from just a handful of real experts who want to help you, instead of wasting money buying "get-rich-quick" programs that rarely work. You'll save time, by getting the help you need immediately, instead of jumping from one program to the next, wasting precious hours on opportunities that go nowhere. And you'll actually get started fast...and achieve your goals faster...once you get the help of someone who really knows what they're doing.

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                    Alvin Toffler's books "Future Shock" and "The Third Wave" already mentioned this a while back (around late 70's). It's not that it's old news, but that if you have access to the internet, or have cable TV, or haven't shunned modern media in any way, then you're probably feeling the effects of information overload.

                    The analogy is to think of yourself as vessel for information. If there's too much, there's no way to compress it further into the container.

                    The reason a lot of the replies say "focus" is because a lot of the information you're getting is irrelevant to what you do. If you focus only on the things which have a direct effect on what you do, the information that are important, then information overload shouldn't be something you have to worried about.

                    Besides maintaining focus. You have to know what data is relevant. If you've kept all the IM info you've gathered for the last two years, then bulk of the information is useless, irrelevant or obsolete. The trick is knowing what information comprises relevant data. As far as the majority of IM guys are concerned, if it makes money, then it's relevant. Or better put would be, if the IM information doesn't contribute to making money, then it's not current anymore.

                    So focus and good luck.
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