Your Photo Or Website Logo Launched Into Space

by John Motson 1 replies
Just ran into an innovative spinoff of the milliondollarhomepage idea featured on TechCrunch - | Sending photos and logotypes into space

From their site:
This project is about compiling a catalog of photos and logotypes to be sent into outer space aboard a space vehicle. Our catalog will consist of 300 sheets (300 “rockets”), every “rocket” will be able to deliver up to 1000 “astronauts” by occupying the place of 25×40 cm. on a single sheet. You could book your ticket for just $2.
They are basically selling "rocket seats" or rather ad spaces for their rocket launch in 2010. Obviously it's a publicity stunt but a quite well thought out one. Still lacking some features like more user interaction, perhaps a page showing all the peoples names/links that have purchased even the $2 spaces and I personally think it will be touch hard to implement or prove the actual launch ( I know it ain't real but still ).

In any case, I jumped on the bandwagon with 50 seats for DNXpert .

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