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Hey, does anyone use them and if so, how often do you get offers? When tweeting a ad, do you find yourself losing followers? Just curious to know.
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    I signed up for them on a separate twitter account about a week ago. I haven't received any offers though. I lowered my price from their suggested price of $1 to 50 cents and still haven't received any offers.
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    Unless you have a large amount of targeted followers, it's not going to work. And by a large amount, I mean a few thousand, upwards.

    It does show you which of your followers are active though, so it's worth a few minutes just to check that.
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    I thought you'd be interested in hearing from someone who uses Sponsored Tweets. I promoted two different items: one a product and the other a membership site. I was willing to pay up to $20 for a tweet depending on the tweeter. My paid tweets went out to over 15,000 people and I got 40 clicks and no sales.

    I stayed away from tweeters who were asking a very low price as I was worried the quality wasn't there.


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    I got a few offers but I never really took any of them, your ratio makes a big difference as well
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