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Hi all,

Just wondering if someone can help me understand what is happening when I take a whole lots of RSS feeds from sites than link to me, and combine them into one big RSS feed, and then submit this big feed to RSS aggregators.

I realize I get links from these RSS aggregator sites, but does each site that I created a feed for get a link?, and also is it better to submit individual feeds rather than one big feed?

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    Always submit your individual RSS feeds, but also any combined feeds. There is no exact science to this, but by marketing with RSS feeds on an ongoing basis it will improve your overall backbone and strengthen links pointing to your site. I haven't done extensive testing but continuously use RSS feeds by submitting them to several aggregators (with my keywords as tags etc) and by mashing/combining feeds as well.

    RSS feeds do create backlinks and can also show up in the serps. Over the past months of monitoring some of my clients' sites, I've seen RSS feed aggregator links show up in Yahoo! Backlink explorer quite often.

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    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the 'feed' back (sorry couldn't help myself) but your explanation was helpful. One thing though is that you mentioned it is good to submit individual feeds also, is this important? As I find it takes me a lot of time when I have 100's of links and one big one is obviously easier

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    Well I would really recommend getting an automation software to help you. I use a product called EVO (formerly known as Brute Force SEO) but that does a lot more than just submit RSS feeds to aggregators for you, so I don't know if it is something you'd be interested in or not. For just a straight RSS submitter, Incansoft RSSBot would be something worth looking at.

    Obviously if you are submitting RSS feeds by hand, you have to decide how much time you want to invest. If you at least submit your individual feeds to that would be helpful - and I believe they offer bulk feed submission (for your individual feeds that are niche-related for example).

    Best of luck!
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