What Is A Geo Domain Name Of A Beauty Spot Worth?

by NewBeing 2 replies
I've found a unregistered .com geo domain name of a well known beauty spot, now I know that countries, cities and towns can get good money at domain auctions...

But do you think a beauty spot geo name is worth money?
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    do a bit of keyword research and see ho wmany searches it is getting.

    If it is getting - and I'd be surprised if it wasn't - then register it pronto.

    Then "park" it at Sedo.com. They'll do the rest for you totally automatically...

    They put PPC ads on the domain for you. You'll collect income like adsense without the pain of maintain a site or any content.

    They collect the money for you and send you nice payment each month.

    If yu check the box at Sedo, they'll put a "This Domain May Be For Sale" mesage on the pag for you. They send you any offers. YOu won't have to sell if you don't want to.

    You can also check your traffic stats.

    And when you're ready you can put up decent website and point the domain to your new site.

    Don't assume the domain will be available for ever. Check the searches now and decide immediately.

    Use "Google's External Keyword Tool" to see how many searches the beauty spot it is getting. It is as good an indication as any and it is quick and free.

    Hope this helps ... YOU still here! Move .. or else i'll go'n get the domain myself
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      Thanks Sami, I've registered it now with plans on developing it...

      It's quiet an interesting place plus I found out that it's the main words to a title of a novel!

      It's getting 320 exact searches on google and the novel title is getting 210.
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