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I setup a Work for Hire post on the forums, but have yet to receive any nibbles, no bites, nothing. Can someone give me advice on how to improve the listing? Do I need to provide a direct Paypal button?
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    I just took a look at your post and two things stand out. The first is that you just joined here and no one knows who you are. Unfortunately, there are those who come in, post, take the money and run. That makes people a bit gun shy when it comes to hiring a writer they don't know.

    The second thing is that you only seem to have one sample on your site. If you've been doing this since 2006, surely you have more samples of your work, right?

    Another thing that may be a factor (I don't know) is that you offer just the one size, short article. I have found that most people ask for at least 400 words but perhaps that is just my particular customer base.

    Food for thought, at least, and good luck,
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    Besides a better sales letter utilizing your writing skills the fact that your post is right next to a huge thread and that is grabbing your prospective customers
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    Your tips are helpful to this person. I never thought about these points..

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    Tina, I do have some more work samples. I'll upload some of those tonight. Hopefully that will help. The majority of my writing cannot be shown, since I produced them as a work-for-hire. I have other things I can put up though. I'll also add different sized articles to my options.

    I should have spent more time on the sales letter. It's sometimes hard to sell ourselves though. At least, I have that problem. Thanks for the look. And, yes, the big thread does seem to be attracting all the eyeballs.
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    in fact a testimonial would probably help to. I'll order 4 articles from you, shoot me a PM with your paypal.
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    Hello Jason,

    Offer the same price for atricles of 400 to 500 words and take payment after delivery

    Limit it it the first 20-Warriors ... you will find some buyers

    All the Best
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    it would be more convincing if you put it in the ad .."search google with phrase.. and my article come up at position ....." just a thought
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    Hi Jason,

    Tina hit on one of the big reasons why you may not have received any nibbles -- you're new here. If you spend some time participating on the forum, helping folks out and letting others get to know and trust you, you'll get more folks interested in your services.

    Secondly, as others have mentioned, you need to work on your sales letter. Right now it's all about you (as evidenced by the frequency of the word "I"). It needs to be about your prospects (e.g., use the word "you" generously). What do your prospects get? What are the benefits they'll get from working with you?

    These are questions you need to answer in your sales letter -- but do it using "you" statements rather than "I" statements. You might consider studying up on copywriting, starting by going to the copywriting forum. Not only will it help you sell yourself better, it will also help you create better articles for your customers.

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