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If you were to interview a virtual assistant what would you ask him/here? What qualities would want them to hold?

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    There are lots of way in interviewing a virtual assistant online. Some use a chat and some other use skype. If I where interviewing a person I make sure that his or her credential is fit for the job. I also make some test just like a normal employee do if she or he really knows what the jobs is. Hope this will help you a lot.

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      Checking references is #1- treat hiring them the same way you would any other prospective employee
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        First of all I'd speak with a candidate via SKYPE. In this way I would hear how good is his/her English, communicating skills. A candidate needs to have willing to work under minimal supervision,working knowledge of Microsoft Office and software that I need. He needs to be reliable, make tasks in time. It's great when the person has previous working experience as virtual assistant, secretary or executive assistant.
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          One thing I always check for in emails is typos and proper grammar. Then I usually give them a complicated assignment right off the bat. I usually don't hear back from them, but if I do we continue from there.

          I don't really interview my VA's, but maybe I should. I ask for sample work and a resume. After that I like to go into small chit chat. I've found that if they keep their chit chat to a minimum, this is usually a sign of somebody who is really focused on the project, or either that maybe ex cons!

          The tasks I have are usually pretty basic but tedious.
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    Make sure they do not have too many fields listed on their resume.
    For example, you might get someone who says they are a seo marketer/web designer/computer it/ etc. In my opinion, that's way too many different fields and sometimes that may backfire since they may not be too versed in only 1 specific field that you may be after aquiring them to do for your business venture. They may say they know SEO, and really have know idea because they are really a computer tech person so that may not be beneficial to you. It's sometimes better to find someone who says they are involved in 1 specific field. That way you have a better chance at gaining someone who can actually do the job.
    Of course diversification helps IF they really are good in all aspects.
    But too many fields can sometimes not benefit you.

    Also, it's always a good idea to give them a small project to do and see if they can handle it before hiring them for larger projects.

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