Introducing the Amazon Page Recommender Widget

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That's the title of the E-mail I received last Friday.

While many of my unrequested Internet Marketing E-mails go directly into the "C" file of my business, this one caught my eye.

Upon investigation I found it to be exactly what it claimed.

The benefits as I see it?
* Increase site relevance for your audience.
* Another revenue source than AdSense
* Easy installation that was completed in less the 2 hours for my 500 page SEO & Beyond website.

The disadvantages?
If you take a look at the following page you will find the code right after the title and right before the article. Last time I checked it was only promoting Amazon ads. Apparently it takes some time for the widget to learn which pages of your website are considered more important than others.
===> 9 Top Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Anyways, to me it seems that Amazon was thinking of the life of an affiliate when they created this code. Check it out for yourself and decide if this is something you can use.
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