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Do you guys like to try and dominate and become an expert in just one niche, womens health for example.

or just go for whatever looks like theres money to be made and low competition?
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    Personally I like to diversify. At least 80% of what I try fails, so if I were to put all of my chips on one square, I'd be out of the game right now.

    I like to throw a lot of stuff against the wall to see what will stick. It reminds me of my laundry routine in college. Throw it all up against the wall, whatever doesn't stick you wear.
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    Diversify, never put all your eggs in a basket.

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    Personally, I would find a few interesting niches that I already have knowledge about then dominate it. After that, I would gain knowledge about other niches and dominate them too.

    I look for money to be made also, but sometimes I think if something is not showing profitable doesn't mean that it isn't. Maybe the audience of that niche doesn't realize yet that they need a particular thing, they may even just need the quality content.

    Take me for example, I did not think I needed half the stuff I have purchased online but once someone showed me the pluses of obtaining something, I realized that I needed it or at least wanted it. Funny, but that's what good content does. It changes minds and lives so I am motivated to offer value in every way I can to change some minds and lives. And make some dough along the way.
    Be easy.

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      I was trying the diversify bit, but I think it's scattering my brain too much.

      By inclination, I prefer authority sites and an original approach. I keep wanting to do something better than the other guy's offering. This takes more thinking and deeper knowledge and I just don't have the time to do that in two many areas.

      I've been trying to narrow everything down so I have two main sites and a few satellites that the business model for them doesn't require me to think too much.

      Partly what works best for you will depend on your personality and what you enjoy doing. If the thrill of the set-up is part of what motivates for you, then the money to be made in low competition might be your best bet, for example.

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      Maybe this will help you. Here's a bit of advice. A good idea is to research the market before you get into a specific niche. In other words, based on the season/climate etc will help you target niches at the appropriate time. See what people are suddenly into. For example if you watch alot of t.v., you'll see how some people/person(popularity) can influence consumers. That person, can be wearing something and start a new trend or use something and get people to do the same. Spotting things like that can give you a heads up on what to sell online. Also, having multiple niches always helps, because as the seasons change, buying habits change aswell(climate etc.) so if you have great sales for something in the summer, they may go down as the season changes to winter. I'm sure you understand So yes, it's always good to diversify

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    The real question perhaps should be, "What are your goals, becoming authoritative and make much more money in the long run, or you like short shuts and quick bucks?" .. of course if you are after the short but quick money (talking about roughly $100 usd per site) then most likely diversifying niches would be a solution. But this will definitively stop you achieve $1000 a month per site if you have multipl sites (well, not unless you have a whole team working for you and your sites...then that could happen).

    Personally I would go with one authoritative niche site and perhaps a very small network of diversified niches.
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    I dont think it can do any harm in diversifying i have 2-3 main sites but also about another 15 smaller ones across a broader spectrum as long as they all earn revenue they stay in my porfolio.

    The easy way to earn a very nice income from the comfort of your home.Start earning straight away today its 'possibly' the easiest income you will earn.
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      I see no harm in diversifying either, especially if you happen to be very interested in two or three or more areas. I say, go for it and more power to you!

      I also think that once all of those niches are established and you are receiving questions and requests, that you wind up with a bit more work than you anticipated. If you're really into those niches, however, then growth of your related sites should seem more like play than work. Best of luck with everything!
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    I personally diversify. Unless you are planning to create the next big thing online, I think you have to.

    As I really focus mainly on SEO and organic traffic, you never know what could happen. One day, all of a sudden, your search rankings for a site could completely plummet. If I only have one site, there goes my entire business.

    But being that I have dozens of working sites, it's a just a drop in the bucket, if something like that happens. I sleep a lot better at night, knowing that I don't have to worry about it.
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    Diversify ... I never keep all my eggs in one basket. If the eggs break, you got other baskets full of them.
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    Definitely try to diversify. With google changing its rules everyday, you can't bank on just SEO for organic traffic, and paid traffic has its perils too. If you want to build a solid, long-term, sustainable internet business, it'd be best to branch out into at least 2-3 different areas, if not more.
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    One niche which I can be a master of. Which, for me, is developing products and services around WordPress.
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    I am personally all over the place now. Need to concentrate on one niche.

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    I focus at one niche at a time.

    Otherwise I will end up getting to spread apart, and I will rarely finish anything.

    I set myself an income goal with that niche or product. Once I hit it, I know I can move on to other niches.

    Be careful diversifying, if your anything like me, you could find yourself overwhelmed.
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    I try to focus on one (main)niche, but besides that working on a several niches which are full automated, I just check the stats, or add something(tool or plugin) occasionally
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    I focus primarily on one niche. However, there are 2-3 smaller
    niches that I am testing out. Seeing consistent daily sales in my
    main niche has been the motivation I have needed to keep testing
    others out.

    There was a point where I had my hand in a bunch of
    niches, but my bank account suffered greatly for it. I find focusing
    mainly on one niche, while testing a few others gives me the right
    amount of motivation to keep working at IM on a daily basis.

    The daily sales, keep me fired up enough to keep going so I can
    hopefully add another niche that will start to make consistent daily
    sales as well.
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    I have a lot of niches I work in, but I have one that I'm building an authority site in. The others are just there to make me extra money, or in case my first niche ends up not making anything anymore

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    I think you can work in many different niche certanly most affliate marketers I work with are in 2-5 niches at any one time but they do tend to focus on 1 or 2 nitches at a time and always be researching future niches.

    Popular right now are self dating,health,debt,edu - PM me for ideas I am always happy to bounce a few ideas around with people.

    Luke Smith | Affiliate Manager
    (858) 848-LUKE
    IM: LukeMotive
    SKYPE : lukejSmith1

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  • Several related niches seem to work well. You can kill a couple birds with one stone sometimes, using one niche to cross-sell the other or just making your backlinking more efficient (link to two different sites from one article/hub/lens/whatever.
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    I like what GaryV said about 80% of what he does failing.
    Excellent Application of the 80/20 rule. I am a fan of
    diversification myself.

    If I find a profitable niche then I continue to expand on it
    by digging deeper for sub-niches. Other than that then
    I stick to many niches and drop the ones that do not
    make me any money.

    As an added bonus I learn a lot everyday from the
    various niches.

    Which gives me an idea for a trivial
    pursuit match with some internet marketers. Who
    else know how to grow tomatoes? Lose 10lbs in a
    week, while getting your Ex back by making $200
    to buy her concert tickets? Little rambling sorry haha
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