Do those talking models on websites convert?

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I'm sure you have seen them. When you land on a website and a talking person pops up on the corner talking about the product or service.

Has anyone found if these usually increase conversions...or are they just annoying?

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    I seriously considered using one on my site. I instead opted on using an imbedded youtube video instead. The talking models are neat, but I felt like customers wouldn't listen to them.

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    I was just curious if anyone has done split tests with them and without them...and how it turned out.
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    Well, it all depends. Say for instance you are in the computer/marketing business and you are targeting a specific audience like newbies. By having a talking person onscreen, it may give the newbie an impression of being extremelly tech savy. But again, that's IF you are going after newbies/novices. It would just add to the marketing mix.
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      They convert very well. They convert me into a lost customer on a regular basis.

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    The only way to know it to test it against not using one.

    The data from the results will tell you the answer you want to know.

    I would be surprised if it didn't increase conversions, because video increases conversions almost all the time in every market.
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    sometimes it's distracting but I think for some people they like to hear more than read text
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    Personally I find them annoying as hell and very cheesy, but maybe thats due to my super strength IM glasses ??

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    Of course they work and of course they suck... It all depends on the market. If you see a slim women talking about weight loss and you can look slim, most women will listen. If you are talking about driving traffic then it wont work. Of course you would have to test to make sure.
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    i do not mind hearing the pitch first time i am on the website.. but then second time i visit i got the same message.. that annoys the heck out of me..
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      I suppose for the "average" joe or susie user and web surfer they might do some good but for me? Nope.

      I've never bought anything from such and likely never will. If too many of these talking heads come on I just turn off my volume while I keep surfing.

      What's really frustrating is when I open up a bunch of SERP links in new tabs while working my way down the page of A SERP and different talking heads or auto start messages all start talking at the same time.

      When the talking heads first came out it as a novelty and interesting but now? Just annoying. They will go the way of banner ads if you ask me.

      The new ad fad is no longer the talking heads I don't think but rather But ads which appear to be written by hand with cartoon figures in them. Such as a fat man cartoon deflating to show him having lost weight with some handwriting talking about weight loss. That tends to get my attention.

      But again...I am just not the type of surfer who buys things through ads. I buy what I need when I need it. Nothing else...usually, unless a deal is absolutely exceptional. Mostly I ignore ads.

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        Doesn't work on me either ...

        Originally Posted by carlos123 View Post

        Just annoying.
        Like BonziBuddy. Remember that?
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          Honestly, at first I thought it was the coolest thing ever (but I'm glad we didn't waste money on it)...personally I've never sat through an entire one talking to me. It might just be me but it seems to be the only reason I watched it cause it was cool and I was thinking more about how they managed to pull it off. For us, we've had greatest success with audio actually and just a still photo of the person talking. Anyhow, its really just a test thing...will the company give you a sample to try out or a free month trial? Maybe the company itself can provide you with statistics on trials they have done; just be sure your niche would be similar so you can see if it would work for you too.
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    It doesn't increase conversions. It creates your image. It helps to use different channels to transfer information about your product to customer heads. They may be annoying. For this reason you can simply put the button to switch off the voice.
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    Video works much better than those talking models. I always have the impression I am getting old pre-recorded content that is trying to sell me something, and this just turns me off. Video is "fresh" and connects you in a more natural way with the person/owner of the site.

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    I haven't used them so this is just opinion...

    I click them off as soon as they appear. If I can't click them off, I leave. They might work for the right kind of product on people that haven't seen them before, but beyond that I have my doubts.

    I put them in bleeding edge of technology category, which means: just because you can do it doesn't mean you should.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I can't say how well they work for others, and I've never used them, but I can tell you my own reactions to them, as well as to any other website that immediately starts playing any audio or video on load: they're very annoying and I will immediately turn off my speakers. If it is super loud, I'll just click off the site.'

    ETA: Also, many people use noscript and Adblock these days, so a lot of people, unless they are extremely new to the internet, probably don't even see them.
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