Do you need to have a website to be successful at affiliate marketing?

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I'm very new at this, (say almost clueless) I like the idea of affiliate marketing, but am frankly fearful of creating a website, writing a book or having a blog. Can money be made if all you do is promote links in the various ways I see that are being used? Help! :confused:
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    creating a website are use to promote what you have and to let people know that you are there, i think its very important

    i think you need a website to affiliate
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    It can be done without a website, and there are plenty of successful bum marketers around to prove it. However, I think you'll always be better off with your own territory to work from, and as it grows it becomes an asset in it's own right that you can sell off too. Given the low price of hosting and domains, I'm not sure why anyone would want to put all their hours into creating content for someone else's web territory if it wasn't helping in some way to build their own.

    If fear and a feeling of cluelessness is what's stopping you rather than money though, I think you're going to have a difficult time whichever way you approach it from. Start small, rein in your fear of failure by operating from a site of your own where you do have some control (a 'down for maintenance' feature can be a great facility to hide behind while you're sorting out errors!) and celebrate each success by working towards another one

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