What Do You Do When You're Stuck?

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I wanted to make this post because I can definitely relate to many people when they get stuck and don't know what to do next.

I've had my moments when the thoughts in my head were racing so fast that I just couldn't keep up with them and as a result leave me feeling frustrated and unproductive.

I knew that if I was going to succeed I would have to find a way to overcome that problem so I devised somewhat of a "stuff to do when I don't know what to do" list.

These are some of the things I do to get unstuck:

1. Write a blog post.

What I'll do is go into a forum for whatever niche I'm working with and find an interesting question to answer. I slightly rephrase the question and use it for the title and then do the research and post the answer on my blog.

2. Go to Yahoo answers...

Find a question and post the answer with a link back to my blog or squeeze page in my profile. I don't always post a link to my blog as the source as the answer or solution may be provided by a specific site related to the question.

3. I'll write another email and put it into my autoresponder sequence.

4. Write an article and put it through my personal cycle to get all the mileage and links out of it I possibly can.

5. Write another chapter for a product or create another video.

6. Create an instructional video or slide presentation to drive more traffic.

7. Post a new thread on a forum (like now) or try to offer help where I can to someone else's question.

And when I'm really stuck and just can't seem to get going I go to my personal blog that only I can see and sound off to clear out the cylinders and then get going again.

In case you might not have noticed, the main thing you can do when you get stuck is to...

Generate content.

However, there is one last resort and I'd be sorely mistaken if I left it out and that's...

Get up and go do something else to let the dust settle in your brain, so you can regain the clarity you need to get back to following your plan for internet success.

I usually go spend time with my 5 yr. old and that always works to get my mind off of things and onto something else more important.

Well those are things I do to get unstuck and I hope you get some ideas that will help you to keep the momentum growing in your internet business.

What do you do to get unstuck?
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    This is a great idea for a thread and some great ideas you offered, fxmmorale!

    I'll add a few of my own:

    1) Read something about mindset that inspires me (Tony Robbins usually).

    2) Read something about really high level marketing that inspires and informs (usually the incomparable Jay Abraham!-but I'm also going to start reading Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer)

    3) Listen to the inspiring interviews I recently recorded with the WF's own awesome marketers, Jason Fladlien, and Rachel Rofe which I will be posting soon as free WSOs! They are very inspiring people!

    4) Take 30 minutes to do some goal-setting, or revising, and figure out the highest priorities to work on for the current week.

    5) Take a walk.

    6) Play my guitar. If you don't play the guitar (although I can't understand why someone would choose not to play guitar), you could just do something creative and fun, like write a story, or make a clay pot-whatever floats your boat.

    I hope that adds some value for someone.
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      Go out and do something fun! Then later come back and get to work.
      By going out and doing something you like you get a break and give your mind some rest. You'll be less stressed and come back with new ideas.

      For example: when you were in school/college, remember when you crammed for a test and got information overload and then you went to take the test and suddenly went blank. In my opinion, that's equivalent to working long hours and not getting rest in between. You'll eventually go blank.
      So take some time off and do something you like to do for a little while. You might be surprised by the new ideas you might get just by taking the time off and then coming back to work again.

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        This all seems like busy work.

        Enjoy Life.

        Site being revamped.

        If you want help with copy stuff, pm me.


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    Did you know that many of the people who wrote the U.S. Constitution were also smoking you-know-what at the time? Considering the times, the contents of the Constitution were pretty radical and all encompasing.

    Now I am not advocating smoking anything here. But I find a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of Caffeine gets my brain stimulated and the creativity starts.

    I agree with a lot of people regarding "getting stuck" -- music, walks on the beach, motivational tapes, whatever. But I think kick starting the brain with some unnatural chemicals (like Caffeine, Taurine, etc.) goes a long way!

    Also I believe success, or the illusion of it, is the ultimate aphrodisiac... getting your foot in the door, being excited about an idea is enough to keep you up for two days straight working on that great idea!

    Personally, I have been in a rut the last few months -- ideas were there, but not the means to implement them. Enter this site. I came across this site quite by accident. I read some things and mind starting working. The new ideas stimulated me. I raced to the store and bought a six-pack of Red Bull (the cheap stuff as all sold out...) and came back and starting reading.

    I have latched out to two concepts I have found on here and am now "going for it."

    New ideas + Caffeine = not being stuck anymore!

    Great thread!
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      Great thread and great ideas.

      When I am stuck I move. Usually for me being stuck means I am sutck in my thinking and so I go and do something which takes me into a completley different state and away from that frantic alpha state. I walk, I sing, I meditate, I have a chat with a friend, I make a meal, I relax in the bath. In fact I do anything that is not related to the thing I was stuck on. And sure enough a little while later I come back refreshed, energised and with a fresh perspective.

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        I like greg's methods and can contribute with a few of my methods.
        1) I do physical exercises. It helps relax your brain and at the same time to train muscles. Attentions switches to this stuff. Besides blood goes faster which helps my brain to work better.

        2) I meet with fellows and friends who know something about my niche and Internet marketing and talk with them about this problem.

        3) I haven't tried. But I would write about the problem in this forum. I think answers would inspire me.
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