What factor is most important to get highest pageviews on Ezinearticles?

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What do you guys think is the most critical factor in getting the highest number of pageviews for your submitted articles on Ezinearticles? I recently submitted 10 articles in the health niche, but so far after a few days teach article had around 15-20 views so far. I think my titles are pretty good to get pageviews. I've seen other articles that have gotten like 10K+ pagviews in one month time on Ezinearticles. Does it also matter what category you are in? Many times I select one category and by the time the articles get approved Ezinearticles puts me in a different category. Why do some articles just take off right away and can brin in like 75-100 pageviews in one day while others just fail to bring in any pageviews at all? Does the niche also matter? I would think pretty much any of the niches in the health area should be good?
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    A thing that helps is a technique I mentioned in another post.

    Basically you write your article title so it almost makes the crowd you are looking to target read it.

    For instance i wrote an article about a world of warcraft leveling guide and mentioned in the title "get to 70 before Wrath of the Lich King is here".

    Wrath of the lich king is an expansion pack for wow so this really makes people read it.

    So think about WHY they want a solution and mention it in the title.

    Also have a look through the most viewed articles on EZA and see how they do it.

    Hope this helps!

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      Just for the purpose of getting page views (not click throughs) is the title.

      If the title doesn't grab the prospect's attention, they won't read it.

      It's that simple...don't complicate it.
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    Some niches just don't have many viewers, a great title won't change that.

    Just look at the "most viewed articles in this category" which you can find at the bottom of each article to see in what topics/titles people are interested in.

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      agree look at the most viewed articles & see whats working for them because something obviously is.
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      Title, title, title.

      You get one shot - make it count.

      Great articles with no views go the way of great websites with no traffic - down the tubes.

      Every article you ever write for IM purposes is either asking a question or answering a question. It's not more complicated than that.

      Have a look at the question in your article and rewrite it in 7 words or less. That's your title.
      Never undersell yourself - SEO is a skill clients are prepared to pay big money for
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