Do you choose a market first? Or a product?

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I'm just wondering what you fellow IM'ers do.

Do you choose a niche market, and then find a matching product(s) to sell to that market?

Or do you pick a product, possibly based on it's gravity for example, and then sell it? With this method, I know some people like to test multiple products and then narrow in on the one that is doing most successful; if you use this method, how do you test the products?
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    If you don't have a market, then there is no-one to sell a product to...I research what people are looking for then take it from there. Everyone has their own methods though.

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    Definitely chose a market first. Too many newbies just go after what excites them the most, but you want to know how hungry, competitive and broad your market is before even going in. If you choose your market properly, you'll find plenty of appealing products to market, so there is no need to be product-focused in the beginning.
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    I definitely pick the market first, then find a product. You've got to work from the top-down. You might find a market with so many products that you can even create your own review site, so you aren't stuck promoting one single product.
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    Most definitely I look at the market first. You need to find a market where people are willing to spend money.

    Once you have found your market you can then find them a product to sell- either as an affiliate or through organising your own product.
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    Market followed by low comp keywords
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      Yes it's market first. There are many products that we can pick to market, but if we market a product that is in demand, then we can earn some money.

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    Definitely pick the market first, then I'd go for low competition keywords and then lastly the product.

    If its the other way round there is always the risk of your product bombing due to high competition, market being non-existant and various other factors.

    Its always good to follow the top-down approach.

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    Idea, then keyword research.

    If no-one is searching, then no-one is buying!

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    I will choose a product 1st then see whether it has a market for it, if it don't have a market to buy it then I drop it and pick another product.
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    I think it is ideal to first choose a market then followed by a product. By so doing you will first identify a need that people have and after that you come up with the product in order to satisfy that particular need.

    But remember to do what you enjoy doing.

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    Go for the market first, to determine whether people in that
    market are willing to pay money for products. That's the number
    one criteria we all should be looking for when getting started.

    What's the point in creating products and trying to sell 'em if
    no one's willing to pay actual $$ to get them.

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    Market first definitely! First you find a hungry crowd, then you find how to satisfy the crowd with a product. Then you connect the two.
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    Originally Posted by SpeedofMoney View Post

    Do you choose a niche market, and then find a matching product(s) to sell to that market?
    no, not for affiliate marketing. I am always looking on Clickbank, Plimus etc. first whether products exist which i can SELL. It would be a little emberrassing to make a site about "phenylketonurias" just to see there is actually nothing to sell

    (Yes, i actually once made a site about "phenylketonurias" in my early IM days... )

    But of course it's a different story as a developer or if you are making your own product. Then you can brainstorm and scout a hungry niche FIRST and then make a product for the niche. It really depends.
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    Typically it depends,

    I usually start with a product and see if there is a market for it and how big and how much money i feel is in there, then i will go and attack it if i feel its worthwhile.

    If however i stumble across a market randomly during random web surfing or even just browsing products and finding sub niches within them that are more targetted then i will look into creating my own product for it! But then you have a much bigger risk of wasting alot of time and money if it fails.

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  • I, personally, choose a profitable, wanted product then research the niche market(s) it applies to. Without having a solid product, I feel research on the target market is incomplete and almost useless. Remember, time is money.

    I believe the goal is to allocate a product/service then find a way to market this through research itself.
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    I research what people are searching for, which often is a hot product, so sometimes choosing the market and product are the same thing.
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    Both methods work. IMO fastest method is to find products that are selling well and then suss-out the markets and possible niches.
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      Aint they both the same thing... The product gives you an idea and then you investigate that idea. It's no different then picking up a magazine and looking at an ad in it. It is in most cases, the product first and then you go see if there is a market around it.
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    I always go for the market first - usually something will suggest one to me and then I begin digging!
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    Actually I have found myself looking at products AND marketplaces lately. I find someething that is a high end product, and I ask myself ..."how can I make this better..?"

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    That is a good question. I have done it both ways. Occassionally I'll stumble across a great product, other times I'll create a niche and find products to fit the niche.
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      Originally Posted by MayaLocke View Post

      That is a good question. I have done it both ways. Occasionally I'll stumble across a great product, other times I'll create a niche and find products to fit the niche.
      Ditto for me. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but, typically, I research the market first.

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    Well, Market come first but you can through clickbank start with products
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    There is nothing more to say other than in theory:

    You DO build a product around a market
    You DON'T build a market around a product
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      I have done both.

      I have come across products that I really like, and decide to promote them.

      Ultimately I do think if you can find a market you want to really exploit it will be easier to build long term authority.

      But there is nothing wrong with just picking one product when you are starting out so you can learn and make some money.

      You can always apply that knowledge to what you do in the future.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    You have to choose your niche first to determine which product will best fit the niche.
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    That was my 1st question I ask my lecturer during my 1st lesson. He shared with us a real encounter with one of his ex-student. This ex-student came in to class and started to sleep, showing no respect and interest in the lesson by sleeping in class. Out lecturer demonstrated that even by "sleeping" is also something the student can start his IM.... It is the selling IDEA of how to sleep in 5 min to our highly pressurized society whom most are suffering from sleepless nights that let him have a good kick start. With the idea, then slowly he can tap into the market then followed by the product.
    If you have a interest or good idea, that will be the best place to start...
    Happy adventuring!

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      First thing is usually market research to find out what people want to buy etc.
      Followed by the usual steps in marketing the product. Others may approach it in a different fashion.

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    i always find the market first, and then create all the products

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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