Say What You Want...The Economy IS Affecting YOUR Business

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A lot of people over the past few weeks, especially since the sh*t hit the
fan about the US financial crisis and now the bailout, have been saying that
it doesn't matter how bad the economy is. It's not going to affect your
business if your business is solid.

Well, we won't get into definitions of what makes a "solid" business because
that could open up all kinds of cans of worms. I'd like to think my business
is solid, having been in 6 figures for 2 years now.

Is it a superstar business? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but it's
successful and profitable.


I've been reading some of the emails I've been receiving over the last
couple of weeks, from buyers, not prospects.

Many of them sound something like this. I'll paraphrase here.

"I was really hesitant to pick up your package with the terrible economy but I am so glad I did. Thanks."

Now, that tells me 2 things.

1. There has to be people out there who DIDN'T buy BECAUSE of the bad
economy if even many buyers have been on the fence.

2. In spite of how bad things are, the people who have purchased my
products are GLAD that they did.

That has to say a lot about the quality of your product.

Now, what do you think would happen if, in this terrible economy, you
sold a poor product? Do you think the chances of having a refund would
increase? I do.

So while maybe sales might be a little slower than usual until things get
back on track, having a solid product WILL lower refunds and in a sense,
make you more money during that time.

So yes, the economy is certainly affecting YOUR business, BUT...your well it's run, how good your products are and how well
YOU treat YOUR going to have a BIGGER impact on your
bottom line than any short term economic problem.

The crisis can't go on forever. Even the great depression from way back
before I was even thought of, didn't last forever. This too shall pass.

When it does, do you have something of substance to hang onto?

Because let me tell you, if you don't, it's going to take you that much
longer to get back to the way things were.

And that's if you ever get there at all.

The economic blues are temporary.

YOUR business is who and what you are.

Make the most out of it.
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