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Now that my report is finished, I am taking the next step in choosing a host and registering a domain. I would like my web page to include a sales page and a PayPal order button.

I'm just wondering if I should register the domain with a host and just have someone help me in developing a web page, or.....

getting a domain name with the same host, say, bluehost.com or godaddy.com? From what I hear, this seems to be the best option, but I could be wrong.

Would appreciate your opinion.

Many, many thanks
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    To register your own domain name, I would go with Godaddy.

    To have someone host your website on a monthly basis, I do recommend a company by the name of Host4Profit.

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    I'd recommend name cheap for your domain name and I'm using bounceweb for hosting. It doesn't really matter though, as long as it's not godaddy...
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      namecheap.com and hostgator.com inexpensive and cost-effective, go with them.

      So, you want to sell me another way to easily make "X" dollars in "X" days? ROFL too funny! IM success requires hard work and lots of time. Most newbies do not survive the steep learning curve. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling you a fantasy.

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        I've used godaddy and namecheap for hundreds of domains. I no longer get my domains from godaddy and just use namecheap. I've never had a problem with them and their customer service has been very responsive when I've used it.

        For hosting, my favorite (I've used godaddy, hostgator, host4profit, etc.) I prefer dreamhost. Great customer service, good pricing, etc. However, if you prefer cpanel, go with hostgator. Dreamhost doesn't use cpanel.

        Hope this helps.

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    For someone just starting I think GoDaddy makes a nice choice because it gives you both a way to purchase the domain, plus a hosting account under 1 roof.

    I do believe that keeping things simple at the start is your best bet.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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