What was used to make this video?

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Hello Warriors!

I'm trying to turn one of my salespages into more of a video salespage where I can highlight what's inside etc.

I really like this one:

The Real Reason You're Fat...

At first I thought they may have just used camtasia and powerpoint but at second thought it seems like they used something different.

Can anyone tell me what was used to make the video on the link above? I want to know everything I'd need to make, compress, and publish a video just like above.

I have experience with Camtasia and VideoWebWizard.

Thanks Warriors!
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    Hi Michael,

    I'll take a stab at this...

    It looks like this is a video created using Flash as opposed to Camtasia or another video program.

    Do this...

    Look at the source code on that page and you will see what I'm talking about. Also notice the lack of a 'player' like a Camtasia video normally has.

    Either way, it's pretty cleaver, and no wonder you liked it, it's very clean.

    Now I wish I knew how to do that...

    (edited: Now I do, thank you Michael Silvester!)

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    Where did you find the Camtasia reference.

    We must be looking at two different pages :confused:

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    On an unrelated note.. the video takes far too long to get to the point.

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      Getting to the point part did take to long. I've seen this type of video from Guru's lately and with out testing this my self must improve conversions because you cant just fastward to the price etc

      I remember one in particular was a product I was prepared to buy and lost my intenet connection in the middle of it. It was about 20 minutes in. Who wants to wait that long

      Needless to say I didn't buy that product but I'm sure others did
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    I actually like the way this page was done and would be more inclined to watch a sales letter presented in this manner. It didn't bore me to tears before getting to the point...
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      lol what a pain if u accidentally close the window and have to start the video again in order to buy the product...unless i've missed the order link somewhere on the page

      edit: oh wait its ok they have a script for when the visitor leaves the page =p
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