GDI leader boards - How are these folks doing it ?

by BLJEnt
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HI all!
I have been a member of GDI for about a year now. I have about 125 folks (so I'm making a measley 125 per month) under me but I have done this on a part-time basis. I have lost my job and I have a family to feed. I do have my own GDI website but I am certainly no marketing master. How would you folks suggest getting traffic to the site? Keep in mind, my site is a "replicated" site.

Every 5 signups within a weeks time = $100, then I get to keep 1 dollar a month from every person after that.

I'm seeing people on the leaderboards with numbers like these (copied and pasted):

Weekly Potential Leaderboard
Covers New Signups for the Week of 09/22/2008 - 09/28/2008
Amount New Signups Affiliate Name City State Country
$5200 264 Ash Mufareh Corp Cupertino CA US
$1500 78 Tissa Godavitarne Herndon VA US
$1100 57 Brian Bear Taylor MI US
$900 49 Wesley Boyd Troup TX US
$500 29 Tae Woong Hwang 이제는 글로벌 시대입니다 KR

These leads are obviously wordwide, as anyone can do it and the videos are all made in different languages.

Any ideas on how I could generate those kinds of sign-ups in a weeks time ?

Thanks allot!

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      Originally Posted by alexa_s View Post

      And since it's a product that has exact equivalents readily available all over the place at slightly lower prices, it's not amazing that most people drop out because they can't sell it, I think?

      Only slightly lower Alexa? you're being too kind sweet.... the GDI cost for domains is absurd, inflated purely for the business end.. it's shocking..

      @OP - Find sumthn else. Pronto



      Bare Murkage.........

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        I tend to believe you're correct in that the sites are mostly for ONLY being able to do business. However, I do have a few customers that only use it to host photos and such for their families. Their site builder is very easy to work with.

        I have tried other MLM's....only a few but never had a bit of success. Most MLM's cost a good bit to get into and it's scary.

        Throwing away the small bit of money I make with GDI currently is not an option for me at this time. I do know that it works too, that's the really hard part, If I were simply spending and not making, it would be different.

        Almost all of my upline were booted from GDI for spamming 2k-4k adds per day on Craigslist. Ya, they were getting killer traffic but it bit them and they lost everything. I have no upline to look up to for help.

        Anyway, my thought was, that I may get some tips here for getting real traffic to my site legally.

        Thanks for your comments and concern!

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            If I remember correctly, it costs you $10 per month to keep your GDI site and you have 125 coming in from your downline, so your GDI is paid for, why not invest some or all of the rest of it in starting over in something else, preferably not MLM, as Alexa is suggesting.

            Just a thought..

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              The problem with GDI is the compensation plan - it's simply
              not lucrative enough for most people to see much value
              in investing money in promoting it - which is why it's so
              widely promoted on Craigslist.

              Personally I think the hosting is lame and .ws websites
              are stupid and worthless as name-brand positioning too.

              For people in some very poor countries however a downline
              line yours could be a substantial income stream. That's
              the sunny side of it : $125 buys a helluva lot more in
              Thailand than it does in the states.

              How are the folks on the leaderboards doing it? They are
              extremely aggressive, proactive promoters. Go out on
              the street and approach 50-100 people every day, and
              don't come home until you get the results you want.
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    Wow! You'd almost think I posted: Come here to bash my business and tell me how terrible of a service GDI offers! Fact is, I didn't and if you're trying to be constructive, you have a really odd way of doing it!

    Maybe I'm just being a grouch but I asked pointed questions and did NOT ask to be bashed.

    I am simply searching for ways to get traffic to a website that I know works and does get sign-ups. I have in fact, by the way, hit the streets. It works, yes but it's slow. Why would I dare limit myself to the streets of the small town I live in when there is an entire world out there that I can offer this to?
    It's clear in my mind that the internet is the place to do it. I simply don't have the know-how and I'm asking for a little guidance to get me running in the right direction.

    If nobody has anything constructive to say, that's okay, I can live with that but please don't hijack my thread by bashing on my oppurtunity any longer.

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    OK. do what you are doing but 10x more of it.

    Since you don't have capital to buy advertising and you've
    exhausted your local market your option is to work A LOT
    harder at posting on any website that will allow you to -
    Craigslist, USFreeAds, etc...

    Try to submit about 10- articles every day to as many article
    directories as you can find. Submit at least 3 press releases
    every day and put up 1 to 5 new videos every day using TubeMogul
    to post them on multiple video sites.

    If you do that you should start getting enough traffic that
    you'll be able to assess whether you need more activity or not.

    You can also buy geneology or bizop leads and pound the phone.
    This is proven to work for people with determination and is
    actually much easier to do than driving a lot of traffic by
    creating and distributing content, in my experience.
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    First thing is to examine what you did to make your current profits with GDI. Why not do more of it? By really analyzing your actions and results, you can find ways to maximize the ROI of your efforts and find more profits. Is it easy to duplicate?

    Second thing is to focus 100% of your efforts on GDI. Are you currently doing that? Do you know the system and compensation plan inside and out? Have you studied all the training provided by the company? Do they provide good training?

    Third thing is to reverse engineer what the top producers are doing. Just type in their names + GDI in Google, MSN, and Yahoo and see what is being said about them or what content they are producing. Right now just from doing some reverse engineering I can tell that Tissa Godavitarne has his own lead system which is crazy effective. He built an automated incentivized system which generates leads for him 24 hours a day.

    There's another guy next to him on the leaderboard named Keith Kearney who also has his own system to generate leads. One thing to point out is that both these guys don't even mention the GDI opportunity on the front end of their sites. I've seen this approach from a lot of top MLMers. They don't mention the opportunity at the beginning. They present a way for the prospect to obtain financial freedom, which is the end result. There's no need to confuse the prospect with a "new" opportunity before getting them interested. Follow the AIDA formula.

    I think the most effective strategy to promote any MLM is to reverse engineer what the top producers are doing and then create your own lead generating system using the power of automation. Then focus 100% of your efforts on your system.

    I've reverse engineered a lot of top MLM producers and they all have their own systems in place using direct response and automation strategies.

    Anyone here remember Stone Evans and his Plug in Profit Sites? This is a great example of creating a unique system to promote multiple companies at once. He gave away free cookie cutter websites which promoted certain MLM and affiliate products. You would have to sign up for those programs in order to get the most from the cookie cutter sites. I can't imagine anything like that working but it worked great for Stone. You know what? As I'm looking at the GDI leaderboard, I see Stone Evans near the top. He must have plugged GDI into his cookie cutter profit sites. LOL

    There are systems like this every where online. Most of them start off with you getting something for free. It takes a lot of work to set up such a system but it's very effective.
    Living the internet lifestyle!
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      I agree with Gary. Added to that you should contact your sponsor and ask for help. There are some sponsors who would like to help build their team. If your immediate sponsor is not contactable go up the ladder. The best thing to do is team up with someone in your upline who is doing very well. Sometimes all we have to do is ask.
      Whenever you feel like giving up, think how you would feel if you realized you were just a day away from the success you desire. Stay Motivated !

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