Diversify Or Die!

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We've all heard it said a hundred times: Don't put all your eggs
in one basket. Diversify or die.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. There are so many of us. One minute you're "secure," the next you're freaking out. It's a crappy way to live, but there it is.

    Why don't you check out my new site (in my signature). It's free to join. You can vent there if you want, and maybe we can get some discussions going at some point. Trusted users will have the opportunity to use the site to make money eventually so join early and join often!

    Good luck to you!
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    I really feel for you, Phil. That's a scary position to be in. You do still have your talent, though, as well as a proven track record in using it. That's got to count for something.

    If your payments have always been on time up until now with the mortgage company, it could help to talk them about the situation as you may be able to come to an arrangement regarding some kind of payment holiday, or even just substantially reduced payments to give you a little breathing space for two or three months. It costs them to go after people who default on their payments, and they'd often rather stop that situation before it starts than risk having to throw money at it afterwards. It can't hurt to speak to speak to them.

    I hope things are looking brighter for you and yours soon.

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    Always have multiple streams of income.

    I'm probably dating myself, but but back in like 03 when the florida update hit, --- most of my traffic was coming from Google organic results which was lost --- I have learned that diversification is key to online profits and survival.

    Now I have multiple streams of income now. Traffic comes from a variety of sources ---not just Google. Also a variety of products is key.


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    Way back when my wife and I were engaged, she had just finished her undergraduate college work and was about to start law school.

    She wanted a job as a law clerk in a law office, the market was oversaturated, employment was at a low.

    What she did was to carry a batch of thank-you cards and postage with her. Every time she finished going on a job interview, when she got back to her car she would write out a thank-you note to the interviewer and then drop it in the mail box.

    She was called back and offered the job on EVERY interview because nobody else even thought to send a thank-you note.

    Hope this helps.

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      Helpful post ...

      Diversify everything ... niches, suppliers, third-party services, outsourcing companies ...

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